Days Past

30 July 2016

I went over to my dad's recently to get copies of just a few family photos. Lately I've decided I'd like to slowly work on a family history for my family and Noah's. The challenge is getting other people to participate and share stories. I realized as he and I browsed through photos that I haven't thought about my mom in a while. I remember when the pain was fresh and I thought about her multiple times a day. All these years later and it seems I've put a sort of mental barrier in place to protect myself. There are times that thoughts skim the surface, but I tend to just smile and think "I had a great mom" and then let the thoughts roll past. 

Now that my best friend is a mom and I think about becoming one in the (hopefully not too far away) future I find myself thinking of mom more. She would have loved to be a grandma. If anyone reads this and needs comfort in the loss of her mother.... I would definitely recommend Motherless Daughters. I warn you that I still haven't gotten through it because the anecdotes and feelings from the author and countless women who have written in to her speak so truly. But if you're ready for one of those "good cries" then this book can help you put words to feelings about your loss that maybe you hadn't been able to say before. 

Tour de Cure

06 June 2016

I had a blast at the Tour de Cure in Reston this weekend. Seriously, kayaking and biking are activities that have me grinning from ear to ear while I partake and I love that. Yesterday I checked in at registration and got my bib number and because of the impending rain we didn't have a group release. So I walked back to my car, got my bike, and set off on the W&OD trail. There were a bunch of riders out for the cause and while I stopped at the rest stop I got to talk to several families about who they were dedicating their rides to. It was such a positive energy and I found that being with so many other bikers was very motivating. I've already reached out to the Winchester Wheelman about their riding levels. It'd be great to get into a group here and get a little more serious about it. This was my very first tour and I'm looking forward to stepping it up a notch when I do it next year!

Taking Time

27 May 2016

In my time off from volunteering I've been doing little projects here and there. Most recently it's been school/organization related tasks, but also some house ones scattered in between. Today is a Friday though and Noah only has one week left of classes before he's off for the summer, so my plan is to do a thorough cleaning process on our house. There are more exciting projects (like painting!), but I need to get this little jobs out of the way first.

After we finish with our house we plan to spend the weekend at the lake. Noah and I spend more time at the lake house than anyone else in the family and we want to contribute to the homey feel. We're prepared to clean out all the boats, powerwash the deck, and get the campfire pit all cleaned out. It will be an "unplugged" weekend. We'll have phones with us for safety purposes, but I don't plan on checking in with technology while we stay at the lake. I'm ready to clean and be present with my family and nature. It's been a long time.


24 May 2016

I'm starting to think this may be the beginning of the end for this blog of mine. I suspect it will be around for a long time to come, but that updates will be more sporadic and with a longer time period in between posts. With school and friends posting just doesn't seem as important any more. I tend to get out my phone camera more than my DSLR anyways. Maybe I'll update our trip to Maine or the beach and share. I'm not sad, it's a little bittersweet for me but I feel it's come to a natural close. 

For now, I'll give a (very) brief overview of what's been happening lately: I turned 27. Noah and I went to Kings Dominion as chaperones for his jazz festival. I took photographs for the P4 formal. The border in the bathroom is officially, finally down. I started volunteering at the Free Medical Clinic. We visited Valerie Hill. Sam had her baby shower (omg!). I'm biking more and more and will have my first tour on June 5. I've raised $250 for the American Diabetes Association. Odin and I are getting out to the lake more and more despite it raining for literally the entire month of May. 


04 May 2016


Oh me? Yeah, I'm still alive.

It was a rough couple of months, but somehow I made it out to the other side. 

Something about having exams every five days or less for four months straight just takes it out of a girl, you know? Even after an intense finals week the battle wasn't over, we had capstones Monday and Tuesday of this week too. I have a feeling I'll look back at this space in a few years time and wish I would have written more. You only get to experience each day once and it's probably worth recording, but I swear my personal life flew out the window sometime back in mid-January. So... let's play catch up. I'll try to think back on some big points from this semester.
  • Noah and I flew to Des Moines
  • I visited Richmond
  • My GPA came up (whoop whoop)
  • I rediscovered my love of biking after getting fed up with how not bike-friendly this city is
  • I got a Little
I seriously feel like that is almost all of what has happened. I've barely been able to see my friends, which has been especially hard with Sam being pregnant because I am so excited for Malakai to arrive in July. For right now I'm trying to stomp down baby fever myself because of graduate school and content myself with my fur babies. 

Hopefully a summer progresses I'll be checking in a bit more. I have some goals for my career over this summer, but mostly it's going to be about me. It's the last time I'll have off like this in my life and I want to set myself up for success by being refreshed when I go back. 

Humble & Kind

20 March 2016

This song has played on my radio nearly every day for a week and I think it'll be a long time before I get tired of it. In the midst of challenges, failures, and successes I think the feel of the song is very important. Working hard to climb your mountains, but being humble and kind in the end... 

Day Trips

13 March 2016

Yesterday Noah and I went to Washington DC for the day and had such a great time. We parked at the end of the Silver Line in Reston and took the metro into the city. We started off at the Library of Congress and toured the building and their exhibits before taking a tunnel to the Capitol Building. We watched a video on the history of congress before taking an hour long tour throughout the building, which we would highly recommend to everyone who is visiting. It was actually really fun (at least as adults) to go and see something new like the Capitol after having been to DC quite a number of times in our lives. Noah and I would both say that the tour was the highlight of the day. We walked down to the pond and then it started raining so we ran into the national botanical conservatory, which was actually a neat surprise. The building was filled with beautiful plants that thrive in different climates around America. We came back to town and enjoyed some Indian food for dinner before coming home to our animals. It was a great day and a much needed break from the realities of work and graduate school.

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