Carnival on the Commons

17 April 2009

Yesterday I was working a stand for March of Dimes (proceeds go to premature babies) on JMU Commons. My club, Circle K, was not the only one set up. Earth Club had a free store where you could take anything you wanted for free (items had been donated). People were passing out 'gay? fine by me' t-shirts and there was also cotton candy and even a moonbounce! It was really exciting. Events never ran dry and eventually music was pumping.

After my hour and a half on the Commons (and a burn) I went to listen to Senator Mark Warner speak in Grafton-Stovall, our movie theater. He was interesting to listen to and he explained some things that had been unclear to me before such as some ways the stimulus plan is going to help our economy. Well, hopefully going to help our economy.

I also got to see Noah for a bit. The rest of the evening was spent on my paper.

Do you remember anyone specifically even though they had a relatively small time with you? For instance, I remember a woman who gave my sister and I each a quarter in Food Lion for the toy machines when I was very young. All she did was stop and give me a quarter but I remember it to this day! What an impact she had and she'll never even know it. It'd be nice to do something like that for a kid today, although I'm not sure how. I can't even remember the last time I saw a kid get something from a Quarter Machine.... Still, I hope that woman has received her kindness in due.

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