Eggs and Gift Cards

12 April 2009

Well, it's been a really busy weekend but I'm going to try to avoid some of the drama.

Some great things that happened this weekend (in list form because this blog would be way too long otherwise):

-Ate lunch with Jake and James at Hayfield
-Easter Egg Hunt at church saturday morning, getting to watch all the kids
-Being with Noah on Saturday just the two of us
-Eating dinner out (so Kelsey and I didn't have to cook)
-Seeing my church family
-Having great songs to play in the Early Service
-Kathy Sutphin's sausage gravy
-Egg hunt at home
-finding old gift cards with $ still on them
-a carride back with Noah

... Some of the more negative things:
-adults yelling/very stern talking at teenagers to hurry up when they're going AS FAST AS POSSIBLE
-things being unfair when they should be fair (like the SAME kid getting the grand prize egg for about 4 years
-Dad telling Kelsey and I what we "think we know"... it just showed how very little he actually knows about us
-Judy and Kay moving in this weekend
-missing the revival b/c of a rock outcrop
-only having one family talk with me about relay for life after my service announcement
-not being signed up for Physics 140 yet
-all other sophomores had their class scheduling dates
-boyfriend's parents telling him that he should date other people

So, I plan on reading tonight. The day has truly been a mix of good and bad (as well as the whole weekend).

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