Evening on the Quad

27 April 2009

Much of yesterday was spent indoors in a library working on a geology project with my parnter. I decided to treat myself to a picture extravaganza with my friends in the evening as a break. Most of the pictures turned out rather well! I've already been here for two years.... hard to believe. Just three more to go and I'll be outside of the JMU bubble - it's all happening too fast.

My main group of friends at school and I hang out several times a week and we always eat dinner together. Most of us live in the same area at home too but I wasn't friends with anyone from the group except Noah before I came to JMU.

I go to an absolutely lovely school. The people are amazing, the campus is beautiful, I love my major, I have my friends, and I have Noah. I am so lucky!

I hope my study habits continue throughout these last two weeks! It's becoming rather difficult to focus on school work because the school year feels like it should already be over. It's really warm outside and Apple Blossom is this weekend!

Hope everyone has a pleasant Monday evening. Sit down, read a book, and enjoy a nice drink or snack! Then get down to business - study, study, STUDY.

My sister and I are pictured here on the Kissing Rock out on the Quad.

My favorite person in the world (below). I love him so much and I hope to spend the rest of our lives together.

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