Humanity is Coming Through

14 April 2009

To be honest, I feel disappointed by people much of the time. I was raised in the church (although I wouldn't call myself a Christian now) and my parents instilled 'good' morals in me. Yes, I'm sure what I consider good morals is just my opinion, but its hard to go wrong when it's things like: don't cheat, help people whenever possible, do your best, be positive, etc. I feel like most people don't have those same values and that can be really frustrating sometimes.

During the last 24 hours though, people have come through really well. I'm a captain for my church's relay for life team back home and I decided to take up the ACS's advice and ASK ASK ASK. I sent a message out to all my friends on facebook last night around 8pm. Of course, not everyone has donated to the cause, but people that I never would have even thought to ask for donations have donated! In 24 hours people have donated over $150 dollars! That's so exciting!

Really, I'm so thankful to everyone. Cancer is a very personal battle for me after my experience with my mom and it touches EVERYONE. I send a BIG thank you to everyone who donated!

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