I've Reached the Mountain

13 April 2009

...but it's in the valleys I grow.

Still, it's really nice to be 'on top of the world' for a day so a mountain is fine with me!

The only bad things I have to say about today is that I didn't get into Bio 114. :( They said only bio majors can get in - which is WRONG because my advisor worked this out with them last year. Earth Science majors are required to take bio 114 to graduate so they NEED to let us in. I'll talk to Doctor Leslie tomorrow though and hopefully he'll get me in.

Onto the brighter (higher) side of things. I found out I got a 20/20 en mi examen en Espanol! My first 100% in there, although along with my A on the presentation and on the midterm, I'm in pretty good shape to get an A in the class. :D YAY!

Then I got my chemistry grade back.... dun dun DUN. Actually, I got a 16/20!!!! YES! Even better - with the curve, that's an A! I can't even begin to explain how excited I was when I read the curve! I actually exclaimed out loud and threw my arms up in the air (and I was in Warren where The Public is during this too). I'm still so psyched!

I also got mail today! Not just that, but a PACKAGE! A real package. It even had stickers on the outside. <3 One of my BEST friends, Heather, sent me a very sweet note and some pictures of her son! I love them both and I can't wait to get home to visit her.

I did get most of the classes I wanted and right now at least, everything is looking okay... I still really want to get into the Bio 114 class but I'll have to rearrange my whole schedule for it. At least, I would have the right schedule then. Plus, I'm still trying to decide if I want to TA next semester. I would get paid which would be awesome!

For my own reference, a list of things I still need to do:
~Register for Physics at LFCC
~Activate my new Debit Card
~Get my car inspected
~Complete Transient Form
~Apply for Parks and Rec.
~Thank everyone who gave me Easter presents
~Finish Philosophy of Education paper
~Study for the Geology Exam
~Record my finals week schedule
~More that I'm forgetting just now....
~Fundraise for Relay for Life

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