Lets Make a Night

09 April 2009

So, I already failed at BEDA, but it was for the greater good (by that I mean I forgot). Actually, I did remember but it was already 12:12am so it wouldn't have counted for yesterday anyways. That's okay, I still have twenty or so days to finish this out. Besides, last night was totally worth not blogging. ;)

Ever have time with a good friend that makes you feel whole and completely happy? Last night was one of those nights. Last semester I stayed in my boyfriend's dorm rather often but this semester time has really dwindled down due to different circumstances: the appearance of my roommate, class schedules, and the need for more space in a bed - they're all twins! My boyfriend's roommate is our best friend (yes, both of ours). He really doesn't mind me staying the night and honestly it's as much for him as for Noah (my boyfriend). Usually the evening is spent with Noah relaxing and watching tv and a bit of talking but once it hits around midnight, Noah gets sleepy and I end up talking to Jake for the night.

I love a GOOD conversation. You can't just fall into the deep, personal stuff and you also can't just talk about stuff with any random person. In my health class last semester, the professor asked the class who had at least one person they could tell EVERYTHING to. Only about half the class raised their hand. I was astounded. I have two people that I can tell everything to but half the class didn't even have one. That class has really stuck with me because I didn't realize how few people had true friends like that. I'm honestly not sure if it bothered the other students but it's always been so important to me to be loved and to understand someone as well as have them understand me. People complete life.

To conclude, for me it is really important to have someone(s) in my life that I can talk to. In fact, I think having two (or more) people is even better because you can get different perspectives and if one is too busy then you can talk to the other person. I hope I will retain and gain friendships like these throughout my life!

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