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28 April 2009

Ok, sorry about the blog earlier today but it's been a bit hectic and frustrating. I really had a nice long blog prepared!

I wanted to end tonight on a higher note so I'll touch on a topic about relationships.

It's interesting how the right person can change your mood about something. For instance, tonight my geology partner Sharon changed how I felt about the day. She didn't even do it on purpose, it just happened. Although I still find todays events annoying, I see the day more as 'productive' now. All she did was listen, respond, and help me work on my project. It made a lot of difference. We worked for three hours in the library tonight and we never once hit a stalemate, unsure of what direction to head in with our project. We got a fair amount of work done and we have more planned time ahead to work together. We even took a break for some drinks in between (love my chai javalanches!).

For some reason, having someone else with oddly similar situations and problems understanding where I was coming from. Maybe its because she shares my major or maybe because we're working on the exact same 230 project... I don't know. it doesn't really matter.

I guess I just wanted to relay the message that we've all heard but sometimes doubt - You can make all the difference. You don't even have to do anything special. Listen. Talk. Share. Understand. It can be that simple.

There are many friends in my life who have had this impact on me, tonight it just happened to be Sharon. I hope that you all have those close to you who can help when you have a rough day, week, or year and that you in turn can help someone when life has led them down a difficult road. Mucho amor.

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