Freegans and an A+

15 April 2009

The last week or so has been pretty much amazing. It's continually good which I love; it's so unusual to go this many days with good things happening!

Today I found out that my chemistry exam (which a teacher had told me I got an A on) was graded incorrectly. A question was wrong on the key. He told us which problem it was and what it was actually supposed to be. I had previously gotten that question wrong but it was actually right so now my grade is an A+! How crazy is that?? And in chemistry???

Also, tonight in College Democrats a 'freegan' came in to talk with our club. His name is William and he dumpster dives, has a mix of religions, is polyamorous, and he won't wear shoes unless in a dining hall. He's certainly a free-thinker and although the lifestyle that he leads is not for me, it was certainly interesting to listen to him and his beliefs.

Beyond that I don't have too much to say tonight! I'll try to dig a little deeper tomorrow but I've got to get to bed. Mark Warner is coming to JMU tomorrow and I want to be up and ready for his visit!

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