Peace and Productivity

21 April 2009

Today was rather a good day overall.

I managed to get a fair amount of work done (I still NEED to study Geology for my test on Friday though). I began my day by reading for an hour which I love. I wish every day could start that way. Then I headed to East Campus Library and bought a Chai Latte and studied/organized notes/and reviewed for my test. After that I took an ICS to Lets Go and ate some delicious food outside even though it started to sprinkle on me.

I had planned plenty of time to get to class and I even got there early for lab. I went upstairs in Memorial to talk to Professor Kearns for a bit but she was pretty busy. I worked on my project all throughout lab and got a fair bit of work done. Hopefully Sharon will have some ideas about a few of the unlabeled depositional environments.... :l

Then I went back to my dorm room and read for another half an hour (which was rather irresponsible) then worked on Education.

I grabbed dinner with Jake, Sarah, and Noah at Dukes and I had wonderful Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. YUMMY!! I was unfortunately in need of a new notebook with only a week and a half left to go so I went to the bookstore and bought one - which was way too expensive.

Then I caught another bus back to Chesapeake and finished my Education homework of correcting all my quizzes. Noah came to the dorm around 7:30pm and we went to a program downstairs that lasted all of five minutes and we each got two free pieces of pizza out of the deal. :D (A great day for food if I do say so myself) Then we watched one episode of FRIENDS after he made himself as a south park character. He left at 9pm but it was really nice to have him over here so I could just start my homework afterwards. I have copied over my field notes for geology and scheduled out my finals times. I'm about to go finish up chemistry reading for the night and complete a spanish article. that's probably all I'll have time for.

It was a nice combination throughout the day of enjoyable food (and lattes), Noah-time, reading, and schoolwork. I think I'll still have to step up the schoolwork a notch.

Oh! Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary and we're going to a Shakesperean Theatre called Blackfriars. :) I'm really excited to see Hamlet and I'll write about it tomorrow (or maybe Thursday depending on how late we get back).

Also, on Thursday I plan to attend a NSTA meeting. National Science Teacher Association. The organization is just starting up at JMU and I think it'd be great to join! I'd love to get some teaching ideas a bit early. Hope everyone else can sit back and relax some day this week! Love all.

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