Reasons to Smile

24 April 2009

My reasons to smile today:

Revival tonight at my church!
- This means that I'll get to see Judy and Brenda again! They are two wonderful women who have come to lead worship at church camp practically since my childhood. They are filled with such spirit and energy that its very challenging to keep an unhappy mood around them. Typically I only see them at Bethany Beach (where our camp conference is held) but for the past three years they've been coming to our church during our Revival. I love that they're women and of different races because in our area there's really only white people and its always refreshing to see diversity. There are a number of people in my church actually that I know see race differently than I do... How unfortunate in this day and age.
Anyways, they have played a relatively large role in my life considering how little time I get to spend with them. I'm looking forward to seeing them tonight to say Thank You. At my mom's funeral (nearly a year ago now... wow) they turned the whole mood around. Everyone is sad and it's difficult being part of the family and feeling that loss and knowing everyone is there for you. We dedicated a time during the service for people to stand up and speak about my mom if they felt moved to do so. I had many people tell me afterwards that they wanted to say things (and would proceed to tell me) but didn't want to stand up at the time. Four people/groups did. One was my mom's minister from her church when she was little. He told a few stories about "Susie" and her brother and father (who was the other minister at their church). Also Kathy Vance, my mom's best friend had written something to say but had her daughter Sam who is my age read it because she wasn't able to. That was touching because I actually knew their relationship and just as she is a mom to me, my mom was to her kids in turn. We had been very interconnected growing up. Then someone unexpected stood up and came to the front. A guy my age, who is a little mentally slower than average, had the courage to come up front and speak. He didn't know my mom very well and I vividly remember dad looking at me and having a question in his eyes: what could he have to say? John Michael didn't say a lot but he said about how my mom made him feel welcome. Whenever he walked to our house or biked she always invited him in and would give him a hug. The thing he remembered the best about her was her smile. That's touching to me. My dad had told me just a few days before (right after mom had passed away) that the thing he noticed most about mom on their first couple of dates was her smile. She was always smiling. And I'm sad to say that I had never really given it any thought before hand. Since then I've noticed every comment that people make about my smile and those comments come more often than I ever realized. He really said some wonderful things.
Although I went a little bit astray from where I meant to go with this, I'm glad I've discussed it; I'm afraid some days that I'm forgeting things about her... What I wanted to say on the topic of Judy and Brenda though is how they changed the service from those thoughts (although what EVERYONE said was lovely). They came up and instead of being meek and sorrowful the way everyone was acting they took on the attitude that I wish I could naturally flow into. They knew my mom from church camp where she had directed, led classes, and had been in her element. Judy and Brenda let their power shine through and said wonderful things but with a loud voice. Brenda is the minister in the typical sense of thinking and Judy plays a fierce keyboard/piano. Judy played in the background while Brenda spoke and the went at it with a passion instead of crying or quietly bringing back memories. Then Brenda made a statement, one that affected probably a fourth of the people in the room more than the other three quarters realized, "I've got my mind made up, and I won't turn back". Suddenly, Judy's playing underneath became stronger and more heated and they transitioned into a song that people from Family Camp knew by heart. Everyone that knew it sang along and our moods were uplifted and instead of being sad (well, at least as sad), I felt more of the blessing that I had with mom in my life. They made the service rememberable.

I don't mean to transition too quickly but that was probably the most important thing... I also need to finish packing some stuff up to take home tonight so I'll list the rest quicker than that I promise.

The Geology Test on Monday
- Originially the test had to be taken today at the latest but my professor pushed it back so I have more time to study now!

Previous Geology Test
- We just got our grades back today on a test we took a few weeks ago. I got a B! I was terrified that I had failed and I've gotten really worried about his class, but I probably have around a B overall actually which is GREAT! (Plus my partner and I have scheduled out five/six hours on Sunday to work on our project)

Philosophy of Education
- I didn't do my absolute best on my paper so I still feel a bit guilty but I still got an A on it! I probably have a 98 or 99 A in my Education Class!

Workshop in Chemistry
- I've done rather well in Chemistry recently. A on the last test. A on Aris. A on my last four or five labs. 100% on the last two workshops. I'll probably end up with a B or C but I'm still proud that I'm passing chemistry where others have failed or dropped no matter what my passing grade is.

- I'm nearly done the fourth wheel of time book. This is good for two reasons. I love reading and I'm glad I got time to read. Also I'm glad that it's almost done because I would easily choose reading over homework and now I won't be distracted for the whole weekend.

- It's finally Friday and not only do I have the revival but there's great weather ahead and plenty more time to study for my finals and test next week. ALL of them are very important. I'm looking forward to scheduling out my time and getting GREAT gradeson all of them. (hopefully) All there is now is ARIS for tomorrow by noon. Better remember in the morning because there won't be time tonight.

Hope the weekend is wonderful for everyone!

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