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07 April 2009

It's strange how I can be 19 and yet feel really old. It feels like so much of life has gone by that it's hard to believe I've barely begun. Today I was talking with a guy on the night bus about how I don't listen to "modern music" because I don't have a radio at school. How old am I? I remember when some of the 'kids' at my church (by that I mean high schoolers) were babies. I also remember no ipods, my parents not wanting me to have email, and no cell phones. It seems like a different lifetime.

It's strange how I remember those things that really don't matter. Some of the things that are the most important to me I seem to forget. Either it's something I've ended up taking for granted or something thats so painful to even think about that I can't look at the good times without getting sad. I feel like I'm really forgetting some of the best parts of life. How many jokes have been shared between friends that I haven't written down? How many friends get ignored?

I was talking with a friend today who I met six years ago on a mission trip. The trip was one week long and we STILL talk today. We live in different states, half a country apart. Technology has done wonders for society and will help us remember our pasts when we reach that not-so-far-off future. I highly doubt I'd be talking to that friend without a cell phone or facebook. Sad, but it is really good that our technology allows that freedom. I remember the 'old' times but the new ones are good too.

Maybe I'll try to write one of the best parts of my day. Consciously think about what happened in my day and try to preserve those memories a bit better. Today.... Well, I'm not sure because I already mentioned the Vermont thing and although that doesn't affect me personally it is a GREAT thing. I think my favorite part as cliche as it might be is the fact that I got to cuddle with Noah at the end of it all. Sometimes it feels like we're so used to each other that it doesn't matter any more, but I love him and I'm lucky to have him near me daily now. A nice finish to the day.

Another thing I really like is when Pidge, Sassafras, and I study together. Pidge always tries his best to habla en espanol. :) He sometimes uses funny accents and stuff too and while I'm sure I would just straight up say the words, I appreciate the extra effort put forth. Studying with a group (for any class) seems to really help me. I'll have to remember that for next semester!

Sorry this one is sort of hitting multiple topics but I didn't really come into it with a set idea and I sort of procrastinated all day long so I don't have too much to say. O.o Have a wonderful night.

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