BBC: Birthdays, Boyfriends, and Caches

23 May 2009


My birthday was on the 22nd and I had such a great day. I wake up to my boyfriend making/delivering me breakfast in bed. He made perfect chocolate chip pancakes and brought me a nice cool glass of milk. It was all delicious and I (hopefully) can look forward to this every birthday because it was the best!

Throughout the day we watched Marley & Me, ate at Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, ate cake, I opened presents, went to Red Lobster for Kelsey's dinner pick, and then ended the day at the church lock-in where EVERYONE told me happy birthday. Sam and Brandon both had cakes for me (Brandon made his himself even). Plus, the Vances gave me balloons, a yoga dvd, and tea!!! Noah had gotten me this cute dinnerware set that I had been eyeing in Target, a WONDERFUL picture frame, and three HUGE boxes of Milk Duds (my favorite movie candy!!). Granny and Grandpa had given me money on Wednesday when we ate dinner with them.

(On a side note, I really enjoyed my time at Granny and Grandpa's. I've found their company much more enjoyable as I've gotten older. Plus they also disapprove of the way Dad's handled everything. I think we agree on more than I previously would have assumed.)

Oh, forgot to mention that the vances also had gotten fun birthday hats for Kelsey and me. :D I love big, cheesy birthday surprises like parties, hats, balloons, pinatas, etc. SO MUCH FUN!!! Plus, I had FIVE cakes this year which I feel makes up for my parents unfortunate lack of cake-love in the past. I think I went three years without ANY cakes and this finally makes up for it.

Hmm.... lets see, today some birthday festivites were carried over because it was my night to pick where we would eat (Kelsey and I each get our own night which I like and think is fair). We all went to Olive Garden today and it was good but I was too full!! Then we went to the mall (I needed soap). That didn't take too long though because Uncle Dana would be at my house and we had to get back to see him!!! I miss him a lot. We REALLY don't see enough of him any more and he's such a great man. Anyways, onto birthday gifts. ;) Dana gave too much money as normal but I really appreciate it this year because it will probably be going towards a Digital Camera - a really good one that I can keep for years to come since mine has this AWFUL habit of dying. Kay and Judy gave me a dark wicker laundry basket which had been on my list. Honestly its better than the one I had been looking at because this one is upright and it's so nice with my room. I've had a plastic green one forever and this fits in so much better with my dark wood-decorated room. Feng Shui. ;) Dad gave me a Yoga Mat bag and will be taking me out sometime soon to look at cameras (and will chip in a good amount of money for one). I really look forward to that. On the camera, the Lizers sent me a card with a really nice message inside and ... well, in short they compared me to my mom and have been encouraging my photography interest (with some financial support as well). I am really looking forward to getting a nice camera to capture these wonderful memories in years to come.


Noah has been such a constant support to me and these past two days have been particularly wonderful. Even three days before when I didn't see him at all, he let me know far enough in advance to make plans with one of my girlfriends. He made me breakfast in bed, paid for our lunch on my birthday (and a lot of other things that I desperately need to pay him back for), watched a movie he didn't really want to see, played piano with me, has said some really sweet things, gave me a massage, and gives me the best hugs. I've been so lucky to have him and I will never let go. Thank you for being so unconditionally loving.


This probably won't be too long, but I had a really great time out with my dad today looking for a geocache. This one has stumped us three times before. We had called hikinghams previously and saw the atrocity that awaited us and we lacked the proper.... equipment. Let me say that it was the BEST light pole cache (LPC) I have EVER heard of. This LPC has been my favorite of all my finds so far and is such a great example of the reason I love geocaching. Plus... I don't get along with my dad. Well, better put, I don't like my dad and we don't communicate. Geocaching is the one area that we both agree upon and are more linked to each other than to any other person. Noah will do it with me but he and the rest of my friends either don't enjoy it or don't have the zeal for it that I do. I loved scavenger/treasure hunts when I was a kid and this is like the ultimate, never ending treasure hunt. Today was certainly an adventure. I won't ever forget this cache and I'm glad I did it with my dad. It gave us an hour together (the only hours we really have) without any one else around and we can forget the problems in our life and actually talk. Sometimes we even talk about stuff beyond the cache. ;) This cache was UNDERGROUND which makes it AWESOME. GPS devices need to get signals from satellites which makes it interesting. Plus it's pitch black when you're feet under the soil and my flashlight died which made it even more of an adventure. I definitely plan on bringing my friends back through there because it was really cool and a great time.

To end this one, I want to mention that I got to see one of my girlfriends, Ally, on Thursday and had a great time. We met at a local ice cream stand and talked for an hour before heading out and hitting up some yard sales. We had a few nice finds too and we ended up going to the Symphonic band concert at our old high school A few of my friends are seniors (the only people I still know in the band really) and I got to see some great old friends there. Ryan, a trombonist, is probably the happiest-go-lucky friend I have. If I need to smile and have a good time, he's the guy to call. I've missed him while at college and I'm so glad to have seen him again. In short, it was great to spend time with old friends: a girl who understands me and a guy who knows just how to pull my heart to get a big grin out of me. I know I have friends who stand by me no matter how little we get to see each other and sometimes I wonder if that doesn't make them better friends than some people I see all the time.

I look forward to making every day an adventure.

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