Be Who You Are & "Faith"

21 May 2009

There are a few people right now in my life who I've become frustrated with and I honestly don't know how I could do anything differently. Mostly what has been irritating me isn't directed at me but is instead a bunch of general statements.

It really bothers me when people act like someone they're not. Simple as that.

Yes, we all act a little bit different depending on who we're around and what's been happening in our lives, but I view that as different aspects of yourself coming out into the light. We all have 'off' days and days when nothing can bring us down. Some friends can have serious talks with us while others bring out an extroverted side that hides when most others are around. That's not what I'm talking about in this post though.

I've never been 'one of those girls' who dresses based on the latest fashion or dresses punk just to grab attention. I don't change my opinions on different issues because my friends see it a different way than me. Granted, you can change my mind but its not the same things as peer pressure. I don't dress to impress guys or make girls jealous. I don't vote Democrat because that was the most likely bet for this past election. I am not Christian simply because the majority of Americans are. I don't change myself for who I'm dating (beyond compromising which EVERYONE needs to learn to do). I don't try to impress him though. I'm real about who I am. It's beyond my true comprehension why others can't be who they truly are.

Since I've been home its been especially aggravating to deal with people who aren't being themselves. On purpose. Again, not the 'I've been having a bad day' syndrome.

A person in my family has been ridiculously nice to everyone which I'll admit is a nice change but that's not the way it was before. He is trying to impress his girlfriend and is doing all of the house chores and outdoor ones too which is a nice break, but not remotely realistic in the long run. My sister and I have always done dishes, laundry, cleaning, lawn mowing, gardening, and since last summer the pool and cooking and cars as well. Now we do nothing. I have always done SOMETHING since I was around 3. Its frustrating to have life patterns change and especially because he is trying to show off for his girlfriend. His last love interest said he was different while they were dating too. I think it's wrong to be fake with the person you're dating.

If you are dating the person with the intention of marriage (the only way to date in my personal opinion that is healthy), then you should be honest about yourself and your habits. It is a lot of work to change even a few habits to live with someone else. You're bringing two different lifestyles together and of course compromise should be made. I just don't think that changing everything once you get married is the best way to go about it.

Another person in my life has switched politcal parties... sort of. I have the strong feeling that this individual is only doing it because it's "cool" to be democrat. Which is utterly ridiculous. I strongly believe in the democrat values and I don't like someone who is so Republican to say they're democrat - that gives a bad name to the party. We support choice, we support giving to the poor from the extremely rich, and we don't base everything off the bible. Granted, this individual probably doesn't know anything about the bible although they're "Christian" too. That's not really fair because most Americans are "Christian" and know nothing about the Bible. What a disgrace. I mean, I'm fine with people believing something but even if I disagree, you should be able to tell me more about your religion than I can. If I know more than a christian without being christian... well, I'm disappointed.

Still, it's YOUR afterlife so have fun with the VERY little knowledge you have.

That's another question I have. If you know NOTHING about something can you still truly say that you believe it? I guess you can, but whats the point? I mean, I could just say that I'm a Buddhist but if I know nothing about Buddhism, what does that really mean? If I don't follow the rules because I don't know them, does it really matter what I call myself? At this very moment I could call myself Hindu, and tomorrow a Muslim, then a week from new a born-again Christian. None of it would mean anything because I don't actually know anything or believe any of it. That's a major problem in America today, people don't take the time to educate themselves. If you can't take care enough to learn about YOUR OWN RELIGION which determines your afterlife (and don't want to just declare agnostic) then what do you actually care about? I mean, if you think its worthwhile claiming a certain religion then take the time to learn about it!! If you think it will determine what happens to your soul after you die then wouldn't you want to know what you're talking about? Personally, I don't think we can know, but it's nice to think about different possibilities. That's why religions interest me so much. I don't expect people to have this interest level, but they should know the basics at the very least. Know the order of the books in the bi--- NO. Just know the books in the bible because that's probably enough work for most people.

Another thing on religion that really bothers me is when people follow a certain religion just because they were brought up with it. I was raised Christian but I found too many parts of the Bible that I disagree with. I don't like how we follow some things that are written and not other things. How do we get to pick and choose? Now, I really think that there are some beautiful parts to each religion (I mentioned this in my last post though so I won't go there now) but I think before following one it might be a good idea to know the specifics on the rules and regulations.

I don't understand how someone can follow something - ANYTHING - so blindly. Just because your parents tell you something doesn't make it right. I think parents and teachers and preachers are a great place to start and make good guides but thats about the extent. We're all human and so are not perfect but that doesn't mean that we can't question and come to some of our own conclusions. I expect a five year old to follow what their elders tell them because thats when you are still learning, but once you have the information about something... then decide for YOURSELF. If I told you that you could fly to the moon without any mechanical assistance, would you believe me? NO. You dont believe everything you're told and thats a good thing. Maybe its time for us to question more...

Of course I'm not perfect at this but I don't go forth under the false pretense that what I believe is correct simply because I believe it. I don't think that my parents are/were always right. I DO think that we have the ability as intelligent creatures to make some decisions for ourselves and I think we were gifted with that. Go forth and make some decisions for yourself too.

So in summary, be who YOU are and decide what YOU believe in an educated way.

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