Birthday Luncheon, Decor, and Group Meetings

25 May 2009

Today my sister and I met with our aunt and uncle for lunch at a local Thai restaurant. What a delicious and fine meal. I had chicken satay and thai green salad - both of which were amazing. Although I must say my favorite part is definitely talking with my aunt and uncle. I wish I could be with them so much more often. They're definitely the coolest adults I know and I'm glad I'm able to drive on my own to their house now. Also, Aunt Melissa got us birthday gifts. You know when you're little and all you want is toys but all your relatives seem to give you clothes? She's the aunt that actually gives you clothing (and nice outfits at that) when you DO want them. She also got me a cute purple heart purse and a great wallet. Well, it's not really a wallet. It's great though!

After lunch, Kelsey and I headed around town and stopped at Wal-Mart and Kohls. I didn't get anything at Wal-Mart but I bought two 'earthy' decorations at Kohls. They were on said so the total was under $20. I was happy with that. One decoration is a candle holder with a faux wooden bottom and the other is a box/holder that is shaped like a piece of wood and the two match. Very cute. Goes along well with the petrified wood, wooden manatee, and even the potpouri and bowls. My room's style is finally coming together. :) That's always nice and a good bit will probably be coming to my apartment too. Can't wait for that!

Also tonight, I saw a group of my friends. I haven't seen some friends in a while and I still have a fair number to go. For some reason it seems that the people I most want to see I end up seeing the least of (with the exception of Noah). I've been contacting people but for some reason our schedules butt heads. :( Still, tonight was fun and I'm looking forward to our bike ride (hopefully this week!).

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