Never knew how much that river water meant to me...

12 May 2009

I appreciate the land around my home so much more now. Every time I drive our 'back roads' towards home, particularly near sunset, I just look at it in awe. I'd still like to have a few more neighbors, but it's a nice break from always being in the city. Everywhere I go now I seem to be in city limits and it's nice to get out and listen to some country with the windows rolled down.

Today I went to visit my friend in a private college in PA. This particular young woman and I have grown up together and as we have gotten older its been more and more difficult for me to get along with her. Still, lifetime bonds don't break easily and I am honestly very thankful that I went to visit today. It's the happiest I've seen her in at least a year. We both talked AND listened (which is a change from the norm) as well as my twin who came with me. We had a nice mix of indoor and outdoor time and we got to talk a lot. I think college is good for her. Maybe she's in her element at her school and I just haven't seen her for a while when she's actually so jovial. Still, I won't be jumping on the chance to see her again after one good day, but it is certainly nice to go back to days reminiscent of childhood when things were simple and just about everyone was friends with everyone else.

Her campus is very small in comparison to my own but their grounds are pretty and there's a river running through it. Gorgeous! It was small-townish. Very quaint and everyone on the campus knew everyone else. There's roughly 300 people that attend the college which is smaller than my high school graduating class. It's a neat idea and reminds me of camp, but at the same time you're very limited on your options... Still, a lovely day.

The weather was just a tad too cool and in her convertible it made me shiver in the backseat. Luckily she had a blanket in her trunk so when we came to a stop, kelsey pulled a move worthy of a chinese fire drill and got the blanket for me. :) Fun times.

I really miss childhood sometimes. I was certainly more innocently happy. I ALWAYS looked for the best in people and my beliefs were grounded (but unquestioned). Everything was very simple. I could still be annoyed about things or at friends but it never made me... angry... Today really reminded me of that. The small, simple life spent lounging on rocks in a river and talking of religion is the life meant for me. I appreciate the perks of a city or bigger town nearby but I think living out my own country road one day would be a good idea.

Maybe some mountains surrounding me with a creek or river running high. Catching fireflies in the summer time and laying on the grass looking at stars while tasting honeysuckle. My childhood wasn't only these moments, but looking back they are what I remember. I hope as I go forward in the future (especially during these last summer times surrounded by friends) I can ground myself in a few more of my childesque moments. Maybe I will find my own river rock right here with my love and friends. Hopefully I'll be way down yonder.... where I'll learn a lot about living and a little 'bout love*. It's a nice thought at the least. Life surely could be simpler and happier than we tend to make it. Today is just one more reason out of many for me to smile.

*reference to Alan Jackson's 'Chattahoochee'

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