Nice to Feel Needed

14 May 2009

Today was a helpful and productive day. :) I woke up (rather late - around 9:45) and took a shower then headed out to go to McDonalds. I wanted to go help Noah with chores and we both like McDonalds breakfast but they start serving lunch at 10:30. Although... I made it there by 10:25 and they had already stopped serving the breakfast foods!!! No fair. I still picked up some fries for him and a sweet tea for me because I would have felt foolish going through the drive though to buy nothing but maybe I should have to prove a point. That's not who I am though.

I got to Noahs house and he ate eggs and fries and then we watched some tv. oops. We DID go outside to do plant some garden plants but there were these two huge honeybees that kept hovering and coming near us. It was freaking us out and they kept diving at us so we gave that chore up for later. I realized I had stuff I needed at my house so we were going to head out but then Noah got a call from his friend. A guy had locked himself out of his car and Noah lives near him so he asked Noah to bring over a clothes hanger. Apparently they work on his car. We drove there and I learned how to do that (ineffectively because it wasn't working) then we decided to try the passenger window after spending about five on the drivers side. His keys were on the passenger seat but we couldn't get that window out enough to clothes hanger it. (can that be used as a verb??) Anyways, we were walking back around to the drivers side from behind and I looked in his car at his guitar and as my eyes slid past that towards the front door's lock I noticed the back seats door. It's lock was up. I grabbed the handle and pulled the door open. The back door had been unlocked the WHOLE time. HAHAH! At least we realized it eventually...

Then Noah and I left and we went to my house, Target, and ate lunch then we headed towards the Lake House. Noah's dad wanted him to do chores there (and maybe get paid for them). We called Nic and had him bring whatever we couldn't scrounge up from my house and met in roughly ten minutes. We sweeped the upper deck, collected the massive amounts of leaves from the lower patio, washed all the boats, swept the patio, and cleaned and sprayed all the upstairs, outdoor furniture. It took two hours but it wasn't strenuous work.

We then all headed to a local italian restaurant to meet with Mr Lizer. I had a spaghetti that was spicy and was pretty good but FAR too much food. Then Noah and I went to the $2.50 theatre to watch Mall Cop. It's definitely more his type of movie but it wasn't bad. $2.50 is the way to go!

We headed towards our homes but I realized that I had left some stuff in his car so we met at the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut on my exit where he has to get off too and I got my stuff. Then I got gas and headed home but was interrupted by a phone call on the way. A high school girl from my church was stranded after track practice because her parents weren't picking up their cell phones. I figured out where they were (a viewing of a past church member) and told her I'd come get her. On the way to her house I asked her if she had a house key. She sighed and said "no" having not realized before that she wouldn't be able to get into her house. We turned around and headed towards my church instead but once we were two minutes from THAT location her parents called from her HOUSE. We had just turned around from that route! Oh no! We yet again turned around and this time I dropped her off securely at her home. :) It took about half an hour but honestly.... I'm a bit puffed up that after she couldn't get her parents she called me. It's always nice to be needed and I'm glad that she turned to me when she needed help (and I'm happy I was already out and could go get her).

Today was pretty good overall which is great because tomorrow may be a downer... I'll be attending a funeral in the morning for a woman who used to play piano in our praise band and I'm sure I'll have one early next week as well for my grandparents' neighbor. May is certainly not the month for blossoming life even though it is spring.... I miss my mom but at least I'm being kept busy. Hope everyone enjoys their friday tomorrow!

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