The Notebook

27 May 2009

I'm watching the Notebook this evening even as I write this. I'm amazed at the impact the story has on me now. When I was younger, in high school, I loved this story but for some reason it really tugs on my heart now. I don't know if it's because I'm older and my emotional depths have delved even further, if my love for Noah has matured to a point that helps me relate to Allie and Noah in the story, or if maybe its the loss of my mom and thinking about losing the person you love. The story just touches closer to home and I feel a strength when watching this story unfold though.

I wonder how many people truly experience such a love. Many? Few? Many people say they love someone, but how many people fall in love so that ten years later that love is as fresh and as pure as the first year? That is incredible to me and I hope to be one of those lucky couples. I have no doubt that we'll be married and eventually have children and our lives will twine together, but so many marriages end in divorce. Marriage and children do not equal the 'cure all'. It takes work, devotion, and a love that we do not control all on our own. I do not believe that we can just 'settle' for someone who has similar interests but that we must find someone who truly completes us. Our other half.

I'm glad to feel the love that I do and have such a consistent, loving boyfriend. I'm even more glad that I know I can look forward to years ahead with this same devotion. I'm such a blessed woman.

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