Think Positive

11 May 2009

Again I'm trying to balance out some of the negatives....

1) I have an AMAZING boyfriend. I am so in love with him and I really comprehend how lucky I am to have found/stumbled upon him. Even when he's nervous, he completely trusts me and looks to me for guidance. I do the same to him. (Love his haircut by the way).

2) I am blessed with FRIENDSHIP. After my health class when so few actually had one person they can tell ANYTHING to, I appreciate my relationship with Jake more than ever. Since you could very possibly read this, thank you Jake.

3) The gift has been given to each of us: the ability to make new friends. I miss Sarah so much! She is one of my best friends now too, and though I still have a lot to learn about her, I'm sure our relationship will mature very finely throughout our remaining years at JMU.

4) I had a FANTASTIC lunch. After all the trouble of getting to Olive Garden (not even going to go into it), Noah and I ended up with a wonderful waiter and great food. Definitely recommending Chris as a waiter at our Olive Garden. He was brilliant.

5) There is finally new life. I feel like May is the month of death (at least this year and last year) and it makes me really sad that my birthday is in this month now... While working on my scrapbook today though, I was printing off pictures of my final best friend: Heather Bartholomew. I can't promote having a baby at our age, but she is such an inspiration to me and I applaude her for being the young woman that she is and not backing away from life. Her son Eli reminds me that there is a new hope coming and that death will not be the only life force I will come into contact with.

6) I have a book to read. This may not sound like much, but I no longer have to feel guilty about reading. I don't have seven projects, five exams, and two labs. ;) Now I can read guilt-free.

7) More people have been joining the Relay Team. Praise God! I'm so happy that people are getting involved. :)

8) People care. Everyone feels lonely sometime, but there are always people who will love and support you (even though you may not realize it at the time). I have an extensive support system through people that have been lifelong friends, close friends recently, and even people that I figured wouldn't remember me after high school. I've been blessed yet again.

9) I found a new program I like. It's called Picnik and just about everyone used it before I even realized it existed, but still... I love it! I enjoy photography and have lots of fun editing photos for free.

10) Last reason to smile for the day - I have many more days, experiences, and friends to look forward to. I know that's incredibly cheesy, but it's completely true. No matter how down you can feel during any given moment, there is another moment looming ahead that will lift your soul and complete you. I know that if I focus and have the right attitude I can change my circumstances, even if not the exact way I want them to be changed. I know life will provide me with opportunities and friendships.

I wanted to get in some positive points for the day. I don't want this blog to ever become unbearingly negative. I would have lost who I am. No, I will try to keep focusing on the reasons to smile.

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