Yogis and Hindus

19 May 2009

Yoga and Naan

It’s fun to try a new lifestyle sometimes. I got interested in Yoga about a year ago during the summer. I bought a mat and a brick and DVDs. Three of the DVDs are intended for ‘workouts’ and one for stress relief. I practiced Yoga every day for about a month then fell to slightly more often than weekly. When I went to school I never took the time really. I had my mat with me and there were classes offered at our school gym but I felt embarrassed to go. What if everyone else was better? Looking back, that was a silly attitude! It’s a college yoga atmosphere, most students are probably just like me – interested.

Tonight I had just about finished cleaning my room and the whole floor was clear. My boyfriend had put up the blinds earlier in the day for more natural light and I have a clear space between the foot of my bed and the window. I grabbed my mat and rolled it out in front of my desk and played the stress relief DVD and got ready for some relaxation. What a wonder Yoga can be for me. I don’t know why I stop… maybe time? The relaxation set is only twenty five minutes long though and for summer that can be a nice amount of time to hit the mat.

Three days ago I used the upper body workout and it wasn’t a hardcore aerobic exercise, but it was a slow stretch and building of the muscle. It’s calming and working at the same time. I actually had to ease up on some of the moves at the end. The move Bridge was held for 20 seconds at a time and I just can’t hold it. At least two of my best friends and my boyfriend can’t even get into that position so I’m glad I can even begin the Bridge. My muscles feel much more relaxed after doing some Yoga and it’s a nice way to wind down the evening… Haha, it’s like a déjà vu back to the Cream Soda bottle. I have found several ways to end a day in a nice way.

Earlier in the evening my boyfriend and I watched an hour of tv and we heated some naan bread in the oven. Naan is an Indian ethnic bread and we had some garlic with it which was delicious! Noah’s favorite food is Indian and we both enjoyed the Naan bread. I think I’ll set aside a day for an organic, peace-filled life. I don’t know if I could do it for every day of the week, but maybe start one day at seven and get some am yoga in and eat vegetarian for the day. Cleanse the body and mind and spirit.

I bought two books today with an old giftcard that I had yet to use and they are the Ramayana and The Hindu Deities. When I took world religions, Hinduism was my favorite to study. I found the different paths suited my beliefs of life and God and the spiritual world. I grew up in Christianity and I know more than the average person about the faith. I am still hoping to pick up a minor in religion – I find beliefs and hopes and the beauties of religion attract me like very few other things. My problem is that I can’t agree with any one religion. Honestly Christianity has just pushed me away. The more I read the Bible, the more I disagree with the religion. There are some beautiful aspects and beliefs (such as the Shema, Deuteronomy 6:5 and Jesus’ Greatest Two Commandments). There are several points in Christianity which are beautiful but are ignored while other points are brought to the surface far more often which seem wrong to me (women can’t be ministers, homosexuality is wrong, and lying is always wrong)… The worst sin of all in most eyes, I can no longer say that I truly believe that Jesus is the light, the truth, and the way. I think there must be more ways than one. That is where Hinduism really appeals to me. No, I’m not Hindu, but I wanted to bring a few aspects of the religion into my blog for today to shed some light on a few points that I have held dear to heart after my Religion course.

I truly appreciate Hinduism’s respect for different pathways. Not only within the religion but without as well there are different routes to God. Hinduism has four major paths to follow which suit the majority of people. I sadly cannot recall all their names to mind, but I will mention mine while I am on the topic. I would follow Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is the love and devotional path. There is another path for meditation and another for ‘doing’. Whatever your main attributes are, there can be a separate path for you. Concerning other religions, Hinduism follows a metaphor about God at the peak of a mountain. We are all at different points around the base of a mountain trying to reach God at the top. Although we all come up from different sides and angles, we all are heading towards the same ultimate goal. They do not believe that all others outside of Hinduism are wrong but that instead they are just taking a different path to reach the same God. My professor said that Hinduism is not polytheistic but rather monistic. That’ll have to be a separate thought though because I want to do some reading before I sleep.

Just as a side note, I may be going to Skyline soon which is a local national park and it will be nice to hike through nature again. Personally I love water so maybe I can find a local hike with some waterfalls. I need to find a new camera to capture some of my summer adventures too so wish me luck for my birthday. 

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