07 June 2009

Tonight at my church was the Talent Show that I've been working on (Noah alongside me every step of the way). I'll be honest; I'm extremely glad that its over and done with because it was a LOT of work and stress and pushing. I had to really push to get this done and to get people to sign up and get involved. After all that work I wasn't expecting a very big turnout either.....

To Begin:

Noah and I arrived at church at 3:30pm to start setting up for the Talent Show which was scheduled to begin at 6:30pm. That's a long time. On the bright side most of the tables were already set up. We ended up adding four more, putting on tablecloths, setting up all the tables, sweeping the stage, sweeping the ground floor, moving a piano from one end of the church to the complete opposite (all the while we were worried about tearing up the Narthex carpet), setting up a soundsystem, getting acts in order, and what we would say as announcements between the lineups. ... ... not to mention that Noah and I also had our own acts to prepare for.

At 5, other Band members started arriving and we practiced but I wasn't very focused. I really was thinking about things that had to be done still such as moving the mic stands and getting different people's music set up.

At around 5:30 I was done with practice (although it was supposed to go until 6). I was too anxious about everything else though and we played a billion songs this morning as well for Graduate Sunday.

Noah, Bill, and I got the mic set up for my act. Previously you could not hear my Melody Sax when I played in the higher registers (E off the staff and such which come up relatively often in "Too Much Heaven on Their Minds"). I was glad to have the sound issue settled.

There was a bit of a lull for other people surely but I was constantly checking systems, talbes, food prep, etc. and I wasn't too worried about waiting for people. Groups started arriving at 6:15 - much earlier than normal for a church event. We often have the problem of people arriving right on the minute. At 6:35 or so Noah made the welcoming remarks (that boy was born a host let me tell you) and then Billy said the prayer. The night also was a 'bring a dessert to share' event so that people could have some food and feel festive. *I do believe the brightly colored tablecloths and flowers helped* Everything I tasted was delicious. Then at nearly 6:50 we decided to begin the talent portion of the evening.

Noah and I had set up the line up according to the different types of acts. We didn't want all the musical ones together or the 'physical' ones either. There were nine acts total and I wanted to be first so that I could get that done with. I honestly HATE spotlight or one on one events because I can't stand attention. I get nervous. Honestly though, I didn't feel too bad. I play for these people every Sunday. It was a bit awkward because I was up on stage all by myself and Noah was my accompanist so I felt like the center of attention (which I was). I played the melody of a Jesus Christ Superstar on my sax and Noah did a wonderful job on the piano part! Several of the youth complimented me on my playing and song choice later on in the evening. I was just glad to have this event finally happening and couldn't feel too nervous about playing. :)

Heather, a high schooler, read poems that she had written herself. The first one she had written in seventh grade and the last two were this year for a Creative Writing class. She has a gift with words. I would not be surprised to find that she has written a fantasy novel one day in the future. She also had a visual piece. That's a bit hard to describe if you don't remember them from high shcool English class. It's when the words in the poem look like what they are. (por ejemplo, she had the word spinning and it was written in a circle - see below this paragraph for details - start at top and read to the right). Her last one I believe she called a 'dribble'. 55 words long and it needs to be a complete story type of thing. The last two lines have a twist: Hers was about meat and then it ended up that the girl was eating her friend! It was hilarious because she finished the poem and sort of watched our faces. It hit everyone at the same time!

g p
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So that this blog entry won't be HUGE. I'll summarize most of the others.

Sam and Sydney sang a Hannah Montanna song.

AJ & Crew did a Dr. Phil skit which AJ had some funny asides in - 'can you really taste the rainbow in a skittle?..... are their rainbows? ..... I bet there are unicorns....' Hilarious!




I need to call it quits for tonight - way too tired.

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