My Feet are Sore - but What Does It Matter?

14 June 2009

So my legs are tired and my feet are sore from standing up for so long tonight. Really though, I am just incredibly grateful to have a job finally. I wish I could get more hours in, but I'm glad that at least one place was hiring in my hometown. I'm incredibly tired so this will undoubtedly be a short entry, but I just wanted to say how lucky I feel.

Plus, Relay for Life is not even a week away. I've been planning this for months and while its been fun, I'm glad it will be over. Its been a bit stressing especially with planning the talent show, cici's, and the campsite situation. My church did rather well and I'm proud of that! The only things left are to set up the campsites on Friday and to figure out what bank I can take money to on bank day.

Well, I did give fair warning that this would be short. I'm so tired - I definitely need some sleep before all the Physics homework tomorrow..... At least I can be productive. ;)

Buenas noches.

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