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27 June 2009

Ok.... I know its been weeks since I've last posted. Honestly its because I haven't done too much (in my mind) that has been worth writing about. Ok. That's a lie too. Actually I just haven't felt the mood to write and I have a fair amount of stuff that I'd like to talk about. That IS the truth.


To begin, Relay was a success! We raised over $1,400 and I'm INCREDIBLY proud of that accomplishment. The team did a wonderful job and so many people we supportive. The actual event was one weekend ago. Noah, Kelsey, AJ, and I set up our campsite (I swear that the girls were far better than the boys at this) and it was on my former high school's track. Zach, a guy who was a year behind me in our marching band, happened to be in the campsite beside mine. His mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer and this was his first year doing Relay. (When he left at 2am he hugged me goodbye and said "I'm sorry to hear about your mom.... I guess I'll be seeing you at a lot more of these events in the future".) We weren't close in high school although he had dated one of my friends. Now there's three.... I mean, I pray that Zach's mom is able to survive this, but now there is me, Ben, and Zach (and of course my sister). Even though I didn't talk to these guys very often in high school I feel like they can relate to a part of me that others can't.

When the Survivor Lap began, they called off all the names. It went on for over ten minutes. Its incredible to think about how many lives cancer touches. Something about Zach's comment made me think too. This was not my first relay nor will it be my last. It WAS my first though to walk around the track and see the name of someone I loved on a luminaria. Many thanks goes out to all the people who donated on behalf of my mom. I appreciate those thoughts more than anyone could know.

The night was successful and fun overall and I even got more sleep than I normally do. It was the biggest relay at JW so far and I hope each year more people come out to show that they care.

*The above photos were taken by Greg Brown. He has some really wonderful shots! Check him out:


I'm really proud of Noah and my friend Brandon because they performed live with a blues band this past weekend. It provided experience for Noah and I wonder if it didn't provide a purpose for Brandon. He really enjoyed the band and practicing saxophone. I hope he can apply that spirit throughout his life.


I worked with Darlene as co-teacher of the middle school class this past week. It was a lot of fun but I still need to solidify the boundary between teacher and friend. I would have loved to teach high school but I'm friends with so many of them that I don't think I could come off as an authority figure in there. We raised a lot of money for CCAP and the Salvation Army. Plus many people volunteered as teachers, aids, crafts, snacks, etc. I love when people come together for a purpose!

The Mall

I had a great time with my boyfriend at the mall the other day. I don't really plan on many details but I had a lot of fun and its the happiest I've been in a LONG time.

Aaron's Party

A friend of mine hosted a party on Friday night and it was absolutely wonderful to meet up with old friends. Three in particular: Aaron, Matt, and Eliza. Aaron is someone that I didn't know that well in high school. He was the same grade as my boyfriend so we didn't have any classes together beyond some science. How do you get to know acquaintances better? Parties. When you have parties you go beyond your normal, every-day friendships because you wanted a bigger turnout. Kelsey & I host parties two or three times a summer and Aaron hosts too. All it took was one party and now the group grows bigger each time. We meet eachother's friends at parties and they get invited to the next and so on. Thats something that I find beautiful about humanity, or ability to socialize and expand our support network enthralls me. Its a shame when you lose a friend but at least there are so many more opportunities to find another. Matt I've known since elementary school. We would be at birthday parties together when we were younger then we kept a slow line of communication in middle school. High School and College are where its at yet again. Its amazing how genuine and what a good listener he can be. He's someone that you find yourself just opening up to because you can tell that he sincerely cares about your feelings and opinions. I hadn't seen him since winter break yet he has me talking about my mom and my situation with dad in less than a minute. Something about him just invites you in. Eliza, lastly, is a girl that I first knew through girlscouts. We were in elementary school when we first met and at the time she could be overwhelming. I was a surprisingly shy little girl and Eliza was very outgoing. Today we mesh really well together. She's a constant friend through any distance and knows the right things to say. She seems to understand without even hearing whats going on in your life.

One of my FAVORITE things about these people is how, well, touchy they are. I'm a person who appreciates an affectionate hug or hand holding and I don't think those things should be limited to just a boyfriend or girlfriend. I don't mean in a romantic way, but I would hold my girlfriend's hand if I'm sad and I would hope that any guy friend of mine would do that to comfort me in the same way. So few guys feel like its acceptable though and that saddens me. Thats one thing where middle school won out. I had HUGS every day! I miss that physical comfort with such a supporting emotional side. Being with my long-missed friends last night made me realize that I need to make a better effort with my more commonly seen friend to have that same connection. Sometimes I feel like the only person I can talk to is Noah and that shouldn't be the case. I have several friends that live close by who I SHOULD by all means be closer with by now. I also have two friends who seem to have almost vanished out of my life this summer although they are the dearest to me. Funny how that works.....

I'm looking forward to finding the right relationships in life and also towards the purpose(s) that I can give my life. I hope to continue to be an active member of the community and I want to be as understanding a friend to others as some have been to me.

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