You've Got a Friend in Me

30 June 2009

Its one of those days in which I need to find the positives again. I came up with the theme of "friendship" for this post.

I've realized today that I've had a lot of good conversations in the past four or so days. Starting with a friend's party on friday, I got to catch up with a few really good, old friends. I've already mentioned those vaguely on here so I won't delve into those.

On Saturday, a guy at my work who I've known for a few years stayed after he signed out of work to talk with me. He could have left (it was already past 9:30pm) but he stayed with me because I had to work and then didn't leave until I had signed out and taken my apron off. I really appreciated that and I don't know if he really read into it, but I hold high hopes for a future friendship between us. We're semi-friends now but we don't hang out unless theres a party. It was a nice night and I truly appreciated having someone to talk to for the last hour of the show.

I got to talk with a girl from my church on Sunday about her experience at church camp last week. I fell in love with CYF I at Bethany Beach and I wish I could go back. I want to go to YAC there because I'm old enough now but I can't ever seem to go. :(

Today I had talks with two friends. Well, honestly one was more of a messaging but stuff got worked out that NEEDED to be kinked out and hopefully the rest of summer will be a lot better in that area. Plus in the evening a friend of mine was 'hungry' according to his facebook status. We met up at Chik-Fil-A and got some snacks. He's part of my normal group so we never really get one-on-one time and it was really nice. I wish he would have talked a bit more but it was still nice to just talk to him about our lives. I value time like that with my friends and I wish we could have more of it together. Its difficult though as a girl with a boyfriend to have individual time with other guy friends. People always think you're on a date or its awkward because you're used to being with a group. I need to work on a couple of individual friendships throughout the remainder of summer and there's still a gigantic list of people that I need to see before I got back to school!

I know this wasn't very long, but I'm just glad to say that I had some wonderful times with friends this past weekend. :)

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