Check Out Those Smiles

31 August 2009

Recent Happenings That Make Me Smile:

-walking in the cool sunlight of morning
-riding a bike
-actually making a real effort to play raquetball
-drinking sweet tea and eating a muffin while listening to Jimmy Buffet outside (before class)
-reading what makes people happy
-asking people what makes them happy
-journeying to a new place
-being outdoors
-drinking a javalanche
-having EVERY SINGLE THING I ate in one day being top notch
-a professor with a British Accent
-living on my own
-being at JMU
-having old/new friends coming to be fellow dukes
-reading some touching stories
-thinking about working at Disney World/studying in Britain ;)
-eating powder sugar-covered chex cereal with a friend
-taking pictures of everything

-getting 'snail mail'
-days with the perfect temperature
-finding a place that matches with your personality.... if I could choose to be a place - this may just be it.
-knowledge of how good life truly is/can be

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