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31 August 2009


Sometimes just living seems to be a struggle. Day to day something comes up and all the little things can just get you down.

Not today.

Not this week.

I've been so much happier since coming back to college. Its as if I can leave all my anger, concerns, doubts, and hatreds behind me. I don't consider myself that type of person.... but when you're in *such* a negative atmosphere for so long, well, it begins to sort of seep into you.

However, being back at Madison makes me feel like I'm granted my liberty again - I can live my life to its fullest and the way I choose.

Ever so surely I am making more decisions about my schedule, my classes, my free time, my friends. Living off campus has provide more opportunities for me to be my own person as well. I love making memories. Being with people. Showing school spirit. Living as if each day is perfect. Each day is. I know this attitude will inevitably fall downwards as stressors build up (yes, even here) but as for now, I am so overjoyed to just be home.

I love college. I love today. I love my life.

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