Look Out!!! (Its Ladies Night)

04 August 2009

Do you ever have the sudden urge to hang out with a certain friend (or group of friends)? I think I have that happen most often when I'm craving something. For instance, I saw my girlfriend from school this past Friday and we started talking about books and we wandered around a bookstore for half an hour and sat down in its little coffee shop to talk. I love her for her interest in politics, religion, and reading. That makes us very compatible (especially since our beliefs/likes in those areas are relatively similar). I CRAVE someone to talk to about books. Not just the books that we've both read though because I like suggestions. She reads more young adult/fiction than I do but I read more in general so we each have selections to offer to the other person. She's already promised me The Time Traveler's Wife when I get back to JMU. I can't wait.

Plus, I saw one of my friends moms at the downtown library yesterday which made me miss my friend. She is SO much fun and if I need girl time then she's who I run to. We can talk about guys all night long, play games, talk about the past (we've been friends for probably around fourteen years), and we just have FUN together. Last time I was with her we just hit up yard sales together and ate ice cream once we were done. She's coming down to JMU this year too. :D

Today I'll be seeing one of my very best friends from high school and we don't see each other very much any more because I'm at college and she is raising a son. Our lives took on different paths but because we've had some major life changes in the past two years we understand each other on a whole other level. Very few of my friends have undergone such changes in their lives at this point and we can talk about pretty much anything as a result. She's the cute girlfriend (who reminds me of my mom vaguely) that I always appreciate. For example, she's the one who sends me cards/packages while I'm at school and they always have a picture or two of her son. The most recent cards she sent me was an apology of sorts for being so busy this summer and then she sent My Little Pony stickers to help make it even happier. None of my other friends do things like that and I LOVE cuteness. ;)

When I was thinking about this yesterday I realized that I really don't have enough girl time. Nearly all my friends that I hang out with (especially in the summer) are guys and I need some attention from females too. Generally I don't get along with girls quite as well long term but I think for a day of relaxation and fun its probably exactly the way to go. I hope I can keep that in mind once I go back to college. I already sent one of my friends from school a list of things I'd like to do this year. Maybe I can make those some events that I can do with my girlfriends. I don't exactly think I'm "missing out" on girl stuff but when I follow the expectations on occasion it certainly is a lot of fun!

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