A Peaceful Love

21 August 2009

Often I've found that things that make me the happiest are the moments I spend with my friends when just talking or making jokes. I love being held in Noah's arms while sleep hovers on the edges of our minds... My love for people tends to be bright and consuming but today, the utter depth and peacefulness seem to be seeping into me.

The smallest actions, touches, and moments seem to make my life feel full. Thats not to say that I can't enjoy an 'outloud' moment with my friends while we're having a lot of fun, its just different. When things are fun, loud, and involve bunches of laughter they're equally as wonderful but its as if you can't wipe the grin off of my face. When its something soft and small though its the completeness of intimacy. Loud jokes and games are no longer required but instead you can just rest in each others company and feel complete bliss. Everyone has felt the need for a hug when you feel lonely and sad and whether its a true friend or a love who fulfills your need, you know you're cared for.

You lose sight of how special some things are after a while which is a complete shame. Holding hands, having your legs touch while sitting beside each other, and when you catch a certain someone looking at you without realizing you see them - all of these things can cause inner elation yet after a period of time they become the 'normal'. Its difficult not to take things for granted sometimes and with luck they will always remain important.

Some things I hope to never stop appreciating:
holding hands
talks in the dark
a sleepy boyfriend
a girlfriend's knowing smile
soft smiles
cuddling and leaning into someones body
crinkle in her eyes that tell me she's happy
one facial expression that conveys everything you need to know

There are several moments already that I've had to record with friends so that I won't be able to forget them. Sometimes you come back from an experience and want to tell everyone what happened but these are moments I take back and treasure.

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