Fall Colors

22 September 2009

This is on one of my few countertops in my apartment. Kate posted a few pictures at her home of some things that she appreciates. For me its not so much objects as colors that draw the eye. I figured it was appropriate (especially after that previous post about Autumn) to show the colors that truly capture fall for me.

On the right is my favorite (and only) mug in the apartment. I've had tea with it nearly every morning since the semester began and I chose it for the deep color. In the background is a piece of petrified wood from the national park museum which I went to after my junior year of high school. Now that does capture my attention purely because of what it is. I'm an Earth Science (geology) major and this was bought long before that decision. It had actually belonged to my mom and I sort of snagged it from my Dad's house one day. The candle and tumbler just push autumn to the forefront of my mind. You can probably tell from the picture that the candle is Cider scented which is just perfect and the tumbler reminds me of the colors of the Blue Ridge Mountains late fall. The other thing that grabs my interest (although it moves around a lot along with the mug) is the purple bracelet in the foreground of the picture. My boyfriend's mother gave that to me the week before this semester began and I think it suits me really well, I love that deep purple with golds and greens interspersed.

Thanks for the idea Kate, I use these objects nearly every day so I don't always take the time to appreciate what it is about them that strikes me. Here's hoping for a great fall.

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