Jelly Beans

06 September 2009

So I'm sitting down eating jelly beans right now.... I love how bright and colorful they are. You look at a pile of them and they seem to radiate happiness and tastiness. There are three ways to deal with jelly beans: 1)Eat them all at one time without caring what you get together 2) reaching in and grabbing one at a time at random or 3)peeking and picking out your favorites. I must say that I am a follower of the third route.

I don't like reaching in at random and grabbing a jelly bean. There are too many ....wrong flavors. You know when you see a gray colored jelly bean that it just can't possibly be delicious. There are some that have deceptively beautiful colors yet taste just icky. I tend to stay near the pinks: tutti fruity, bubble gum, cotton candy - you know, the good stuff!

It made me wonder how similar that is to life. Everyone has there own preferences (it can be pretty much guaranteed that as long as you have ...oh, lets say..... five people that you can finish off a tub of jelly beans). Eventually they will all get eaten. People are that way also. Sometimes we judge based off of looks without even giving the person a chance. The phrases "Oh, she looks mean" or "he is definitely a druggie" put forth the idea that you truly can tell someone by their appearances. Now, to be fair, first impressions and the like typically need to be based on outer looks because you cannot possibly have the time to go up and talk to every person you see and if you're looking to make friends then its natural to feel more comfortable around people that dress the same way as you. Yet I have come across a number of instances in my life when someone has surprised me in some way. Its very difficult to tell. You can't always tell by the outside 'color'.

As for picking out certain ones you like.... I think that could apply to close friends. The vast majority of my friends are similar to me (other "pinks") but there are tons of other types out there (all the other colored jelly beans). I have friends in other 'colors' but the people I tend to get along with best are honor the same values and belief systems as I do. Of course the world can't be made up of only one type of person, if most of the world were pinks then blues would feel lonely! There would be only a few yellows and what are the chances they would meet? Maybe greens are great at following commands and they get all the work done but browns are excellent leaders who know how to control a system. All of the individual types/colors make up the whole. I'm glad our world is like the jelly bean barrel. Every type is needed to have a working society and to keep each other company but theres always a select few who you know you will love forever!

Sorry.... I know I kind of ranted on about jelly beans there but something about them just struck me today. Maybe I'm just hungry. ;)

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