There Are So Many Reasons

28 September 2009

Above is a picture of crinoid stems embedded in matrix. Sweet right?

My paleontology class took a trip to Kentucky over this past weekend. We camped out which was a great idea except we were poured on the whole time! Still, the campfire and talking was nice plus we got out during the day to collect fossils! There were some really fun lagerstatten that we visited. You could reach down, pick up any random rock, and you would find a fossil! We had a few lapses on the way (we were turned back by flooded roads and both of our vans got stuck at one point) but it was a lot of fun nevertheless.

The best part about coming home though was seeing my boyfriend and my best friend. I know that I'm attached but.... wow, being apart for a weekend really emphasizes it. I'd find myself thinking "oh Noah would love this" or "Jake would definitely agree with me on this point". When I got back I stayed with them for about an hour and then we ended up going out to El Charro's, a local Mexican restaurant. I had a really good time and ate delicious food. Yummy! After dinner we headed back to their dorm and we watched The Rocker.

Today Jake has been sick which isn't fun at all so I've seen very little of him all day. I hope he gets better soon. I thought about bringing him a soup that Noah and I made for dinner but I don't think he'd appreciate all the vegetables. ;)

*I'll get back on soon to put up the recipe.

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