What I Love About My Major

03 September 2009

1. You learn about things you can see/touch.
2. You go on field trips (and I don't mean to the local dump - we get to go to Ohio, Ireland, DC, Bahamas, mountains, the beach, camping...)
3. All of our professors are really quirky.
4. Experiments - Hydrochloric Acid anyone?
5. Part of the study is going out fossil-hunting.
6. I get to use awesome puns about "Schist", "Granite", and "Gneiss".... .and TONS more.
7. You don't have to dress up - in fact, they expect you to dress down. Sweats and a t-shirt are ideal for 'chalk talks'.
8. Caving, spelunking, boating, stargazing, and scuba diving can all EASILY be related to my career.
9. In a school that is more than 60% females, in my classes there is probably a 40% or 50% ratio. Score one for the ladies.
10. You can be a hero to little kids because you major in "dinosaurs". Childhood dream fulfilled!

Ok, so to be fair I'm taking invertebrate paleontology not vertebrate but it is quite possibly my favorite class so far. I rather enjoy Oceanography also. Earth Science is very likely the right path for me to go down. I can't wait to get high school students involved in this type of education. Academics, say hello to your new friend Fun!

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