5 Rules for Life

02 December 2009

A fellow blogger posted about 5 Rules for Life, a blog that features a different person periodically and asks them "What are the 5 rules you live your life by?".

What a challenging question!

Sometimes I wonder what defines a person (and I don't think you necessarily can define someone in a dictionary-sense). I'm thinking along the lines, if you had to describe so-and-so in one paragraph, what would you say? What would people say about you?

The 5 Rules of Life is something similar. Except, instead of thinking about other people, you answer them about YOURSELF. To me, that is much more difficult (as I've mentioned HERE).

This question is intriguing because I don't think too many of us would define our life by five rules. If you had to, what would you say?

I don't think I can answer this right now (at least not all 5), I may drop some "rules" along the way as I think of them but its a little too deep of a question to answer overly quickly.

Let me know your five rules!

Here are some that I liked:

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