12 December 2009

I'm very glad I went to check the SPCA volunteer list today because there was no one signed up for either cats or dogs for the 2 o'clock shift. I held cats for half an hour although not many....

This guy (Billy Bob) is my favorite!!

He had his "motor" going. He was purring up a storm and he was loud.

Then I switched to Dog Socializing because they really need more room and exercise than cats do so I headed over to their kennels. I took out three dogs.

One was a beagle and he was sweet but kept wanting to go back to places he'd been instead of walking around the shelter.

The second dog was my favorite of the day. Her name is Dutchess and she is Big Old Sweetie.

This is her.

This picture does her no justice. She is beautiful and fun to pet plus she "walks" like a pro. This may be confusing if you're not familiar with walking dogs or have had the same dog for a long time but she will walk beside or slightly in front of you but doesn't get in your way and she'll stop to let you pet her any time you want. I wish I had room for her in my apartment because she is so precious.

The third dog I walked already has an adoption pending which is great although that dog sure gave me a workout! I had my hand through the hole in the leash and then wrapped it around two more times just to make sure he didn't get away. What a fighter! Don't get me wrong, they're all sweethearts but he just has a lot of energy.

As I said, I'm really glad that I got in today because there were so few volunteers there. Without the college students coming in the SPCA lacks some extra help. I strongly recommend asking your local SPCA if they allow volunteers to come in and work with the animals, its more of a stress relief than anything yet it makes a huge difference to the pets!

As always, spay and neuter your pets!

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