The Best of Times

15 December 2009

Its always amazing that after learning so much about someone and spending so much time with them that you can still be so fulfilled by their company. It makes sense that you would get close because of that but its always been fun for me to form new relationships. My absolute favorite times though are spent with the people who know me the best and who I can relax in front of and maybe just watch tv. Instead of fighting to find something to do we can just be. Granted, I often finding myself itching to DO something or when I don't know someone very well I tend to "fill the void" in conversations. Yet, having some people in my life who seem to radiate a certain warmth around me (well, as Chandler would say) thats perfection.

Even though I don't particularly enjoy being at my hometown, well, if it's where my friends are then it is home. Similar to someone else's story.... Ok, not nearly so dramatic but I think I would put the same price on my friends. They are what make my home.

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The best part for me is that I know I'm able to look forward to two years of living with them. Only in college do you get to live with your best friends of all time and have it be completely accepted. After college life moves onto carrers, individuals, families, etc. For now though, I can appreciate the time I have which allows me to feel such a warmth and happiness when I'm surrounded by that love. Its so pure and it touches me in ways that I can't put into words. I am certainly lucky.

I hope everyone gets to spend some time connecting (or reconnecting) with their friends during this holiday season!

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