December Days

01 December 2009

Its hard to believe its December again already. Wow, its amazing how much quicker each years seems to go by. Time really is a perspective in some senses....

December is a really stressful month and a relaxing month all at the same time. The first half of the month for college students means finishing up big projects and taking final exams but the second half symbolizes free time and holidays.

I enjoy Christmas, it may actually be my favorite holiday. I love being with people that you're close to (I'm hoping to be with some close friends over the holiday break), baking cookies, decorating, caroling, sledding, and drinking hot cocoa. Best of all? Gifts! I love giving gifts and finding the perfect item for someone. Of course its rarely that easy but when the occasion does arise that I find the perfect gift (and can package it all cute) then I'm very happy. I think having up Christmas lights brings more cheer to a place, but personally, I like to have Christmas tree nearly toppling over with the gifts underneath. Homemade are even better (too bad grown men don't seem to appreciate that quite as much....). Personalized items are always fun too. Just the look of appreciation on someone's face. Well, thats PRICELESS.

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