The End is Near

10 December 2009

Hallelujah, I can finally see the end! I have five more hours of studying/test taking and then I'm actually done!

Its amazing how quickly the days seem to go when you know you have time limits on all of your work. Its strange how much time can fluctuate. Sit in a boring class for an hour and it will feel like three but go hang out with your friends playing games or hiking then time FLIES.


Haha, I thought the picture was appropriate (from Discover magazine). I know the next three hours of studying will seem incredibly slow and fast at the same time. I'll feel like I've been studying forever and will want to quit, yet I'll feel like the time is going way too quickly to accomplish anything...

Well, I guess I really won't accomplish anything if I stay on here. Oops. Hope you make good use of your time today!

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