First Snow

05 December 2009

The first snow of winter has finally invaded my college town. It was expected here today and sure enough when I woke up and looked outside, snow was everywhere! This was the view from right outside my complex building this morning (below).

This is what my building looks like on a normal, partly cloudy day...

and this is the building next door today with all the snow!

Some have already braved the cold weather but I've been fortunate enough to stay indoors all warm and cozy with my candles and cereal. Its one of my favorite parts about having an apartment - not being forced to leave for any needs! What a difference from on campus living. Granted, its nice to go out sometimes and play in the snow (and maybe, just maybe, the rain) but I do not yet have my winter clothes or boots so I think I'll wait until next time for the snowball fights.

Stay warm and comfy!

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