Lazy Days

03 December 2009

As I'm drinking my tea and eating my (cinnamon!) toast, I can't help but look forward to the lazy days that'll be heading my way in a week. My last final is next Thursday. This is good. and...this. is. bad.

Ok, the obvious good part is that, well, anyone can do anything for a week. Really? I could get just five hours of sleep each night for a week and then recover. I can spend all my free time studying and then hang out with friends all winter break. The best part about the week is that its only a week. No matter what happens in seven days I'll be done with it all.

That almost sums up the bad too, practically all the same reasons. Its only a week! How on Earth is that enough time to get everything done? The best part of the week is also the worst part. There are many, many projects, papers, and finals and they're all due within a week. How do you decide what becomes the priority? They all will have huge impacts on my grade! There is nothing that I'm doing over the next week that is worth less than 20% of my grade. It ranges from that 20%-40% depending on the classes.

I never understood that. How can one "final" thing be worth almost half of your efforts the whole rest of the semester? I am a consistent worker (I've never been one to pull an all-nighter and I pray I never have to). People who are capable of not sleeping for three days straight though seem to take an advantage here.

Lets just leave it there for now, its only a week right?

How about we just traverse back over to those lazy days mentioned earlier? Sleeping in REAL late (maybe 10!), not studying, not worrying about not studying, just reading, taking hikes, being with close family (aka friends), and taking life as it comes. Its a shame life has become a busy schedule to keep up with instead of a slow and easy journey to be enjoyed.

What I'm going to use to motivate myself: (Just one week after all and I can do/have all these things!!)

always reading.... how I miss it during the semester. I want to reread some series, check out new books my friends have loaned me, catch up on a series its taken me about two years to read, and just read magazines and newspapers even! I miss being taken to a different world and life once in a while!

simple. I never seem to find "time" for yoga, but its one of my favorite stress releases. Need a way to think about nothing? This is it. You just follow the instructor and realize how good it feels to stretch and move certain parts of your body. Incredibly relaxing.

I know, I have some this morning; I got up early. Sometimes now my morning schedule seems a bit rushed and I don't have time for tea or breakfast (both of which have grown on me immensely in the last year - and that really says something for tea if it had the ability to become even better). Its hard to explain but tea sort of symbolizes the life I hope to create for myself. As I said, I can only really have tea on mornings that I get to relax. I don't drink it the way the coffee-addicted go after caffine. Its a way to sit back take the time to finish the mug and then head out into the world after taking that small time for myself. Thats what it symbolizes: taking a small bit of time out of my morning to just think and relax before jumping onto the fast-paced ride of each day.

Ok, so those are the things that I'm looking forward to in one week. Of course that isn't everything (hanging out with friends is higher than any of those things) but I can actually control these completely. I'll be living in a different city than most all of my friends for at least half of break. So we'll have to wait and figure that one out.

Ok, time to start treading in order to keep my head above water. Wish me luck

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