Morning at the Market

12 December 2009

I have succeeded in several things so far this weekend I'm happy to say! The above picture was taken while driving to the Farmer's Market downtown, what a stunning blue sky! I had both hands on the wheel, just one finger was up on the shutter release button, promise.

Ok, one hand was on the camera for this picture. Thats the main building on my college campus and as I passed the Quad I decided to try and capture it on film. I count this as success.

The farm market has its own shelter and commences on Saturday mornings. I've been to the location before but never on a Saturday morning (that poses a challenge as a college student). Its a beautiful location and right downtown with all the other quaint shops. As you'll hear later... it is also fortunately close to a bank!

Thats a picture from one end of the farmers market although its impossible to capture on film: smiles on everyone's faces despite the chill, handmade gifts, locally grown foods, and carolers.... What a joyous place to be! I like the idea of "locally grown" as well and items were not overpriced! There were a few things that cost more than in the store (such as cheese) but it has a whole different look and texture to it as well; you're paying for a different product.

You can see the different items I ended up buying here and I noticed a color scheme going on when I took the photo. In the pretty (handmade!) bag is the gift for my sister so I won't go into detail here... There is locally grown and hand-picked tea in the left bag which is peppermint flavored. Yum! On the right is the Apple Cider Cinnamon Jelly which I thought would be a unique new flavor to try. I'll have to take it home and try it on some baguette bread over winter break. Down in front there is a loaf of Vanilla Bean Bread and an Alegria Bar. I was skeptical about the Alegria Bar at first because I thought it was bird seed when I first saw it. Apparently its a treat in South America and the man who was selling at the stand had a box to sample from saying "its similar to popcorn". Sure enough, it is! There is also some honey and lemon mixed in so it makes for a tasty, healthy snack.

Thats a picture of the Vanilla Bean Loaf. The name was so enticing that I had to cut up a slice for myself as soon as I got back to the apartment. The loaf was $4 and I will be buying a loaf every time I go back to the market. It was absolutely delicious. It was so sweet that it reminded me of a sugar cookie! Oh yum! Even now I'm craving some and I'm using all my willpower to keep from temptation.

This coaster set was the last item I bought (I actually had to run to the bank to get some more cash for the Peppermint Tea and this set - good thing all the businesses are so close downtown!). There was a man and his wife at a stand from whom I had already bought an item and they had some wonderful pictures for sale as well all of which were taken on the farm they live on. This coaster set has the same barns on each coaster but at different times of the day and the year. The one on display in this picture is the sunset from this past Monday morning! Beautiful isn't it? I highly doubt that its edited at all because they were very low resolution and the couple seemed to appreciate things for their natural beauty. I set them out in the apartment to remind me of the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley here in Virginia.

All in all I stumbled across some wonderful finds and I wish it wasn't the last Saturday I am here for a month! I will most certainly be heading back to the market in the months to come.

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