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11 December 2009

I can't begin to grasp the idea of "no work". The stress from this semester seems to have filled up my body and mind to a point where I can't let it go... Its my first official day of break and its seems like it could potentially be my last day of "freedom" for a while. I have an apartment near my college and I would really love to stay here but as much as I love my college, the people are what make it. Eventually I'll have to head to my hometown because I can't stand to be away from everyone but I'm not looking forward to staying at my dad's house.

"The second topic I won’t belabor but I would ask that everyone be civil to each other for the holidays."

That was in his last joint email to my sister and me. Its not overly crude but I find it disappointing that a father should have to ask such a thing. Plus, I don't believe that my sister and I are rude in the worst sense of the word..... I will admit that we ignore his "family" as we go through the room but its the absolute best I can give. Its only been one Christmas since my mom was with us and he expects me to be ok with another woman (and her mom) to be at my house on Christmas morning? I don't think so.

I guess there's no need to stick with that train of thoughts - it'll be here soon enough and I'll have to deal with it then.

For now, I should try to think about things that will relieve my stress. We'll do this the organized way (which I love!):


I will be going in today to sign up for a shift at the local SPCA. I haven't been able to go for a while because of the massive piles of school work that finals week entails. Fortunately, that madness is over with and I can look forward to better things. I plan on signing up for another cat shift although I love the dogs because cats are so much easier to handle. The animals get out of their cages and the "volunteers" get love and a warm body to hold.

2. Photos and Framing

Recently I went out to the college kid's haven that is Walmart and bought myself some photo paper. I've avoided this for a long while because its somewhat costly but when I have free time over break I really want to work on filling some frames and putting up more around my room. I enjoy editing photos and having the pictures of my friends displayed and break will give me plenty of time to do this. I'll probably ask a few friends to do some photo shoots too just for the practice and enjoyment of it (plus some of them I need a few more pictures of!).

On this strain, I had a really great "photo day" this week. In just one day my sister asked me to come take some photos of her and her boyfriend for their two year anniversary (yay!), then another friend wanted to do a "Top Model Humor" style photo shoot, another couple asked me to take their photos over break up on the mountain, and a guy asked me to email him a high resolution copy of one of my shots for himself. It feels good sometimes to have people who want their pictures taken (because with my guy friends its usually more of a "Aren't you done yet?!" feeling).

3. Friends

This will probably depend on who is where for the holidays so I won't be able to plan this too well without some group effort. I'll probably spend a period of time one day just sitting down and calling friends trying to work out who I can see when. The problem here is that there are some friends I want to see all the time and others that I enjoy the company of but I haven't seen in ages. Its hard to prioritize. For instance, I don't like to go a day without seeing Noah (just another reason to love college) but I don't see how it'd be possible to go all break and see him every day.

4. Reading

I've mentioned this on here rather recently. I. Can't. Wait. Seriously, with the exception of the seventh Harry Potter book, I haven't gotten to indulge in a book since summer. And that was just one HP book!! Plus I have several books from several friends that I'm supposed to read and this will be a great opportunity to finish all that up. (There's even one series that I've been working on for about three years and I haven't finished. I need to for a friend and just so I can say I finished it.).

5. Free Time

Free time is so absolutely luxurious. You find a bit of it every now and then throughout the week but then you always feel guilty about it, as if maybe you should be doing something else. There's never been a period of time since I entered college that I haven't had something to do.

6. Research

I will be starting research over winter break (in one week actually). I'm excited for several reasons here! First of all, I've been looking forward to starting research because I feel like I'm progressing in my field that way even if its not exactly down the same path my career will be. Also, it gives me a perfect excuse to get away from my dad's house for a bit. I'll be in Alabama with my professor and some other research students from Ohio for four or five day in December which sounds really exciting. Another great thing to look forward to? I'll get paid! Very few departments can pay their research students, but I'm in a small field and my professor has a grant for this work which is amazing!

Ok, I'll try to focus on the positives of break and see where I can get with them. Hopefully everyone else is moving forward with their time!

Oh, one last thing. A fellow blogger featured this site and I thought it was cute so I wanted to pass it along. You can even post pictures of your own Found (adopted) animal on here too: Found My Animal.

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