07 December 2009

Its surprising how many of my friends have sent me invitations to join their photography sites. A lot of my friends enjoy taking photos (which I can fully understand) but now so many people are selling them! I guess I always just enjoyed taking pictures and never thought about selling anything. Most of my pictures are just for keeping personal memories anyways which is what draws me in. Memories fade and its nice to draw upon pictures to help us recall certain events in our lives.... or maybe remember certain faces.

I hope if any of my friends ever want a copy of a photograph they would just ask me. Of course anyone could ask me to email them a copy but eventually I will want to order enough prints online that I could just order an extra couple for some friends to save them the hassle (of course that would mean I couldn't determine precisely when they would get the pictures but still saves them the shipping and handling and such nonsense).

Its cool that people can make something they enjoy into an amateur profesion but as for me.... I think I'll just stick to posting them up on facebook and shutterfly. Besides, my mom(s) always gave me photos for free and I could stand to return the favor.

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