Snow Days

06 December 2009

Snow days provide a peaceful time for me typically. For some reason, when I see snow I begin to feel somewhat lethargic. Usually I'm content to just stay inside and sleep or read. Unfortunately, I have a ton of studying to get done before finals (and of course I'm using this as my last source of procrastination). Finding a healthy balance of work and relaxation is hard and I wish I could figure out tools to help with that. I always make "to do" lists and they help because I can organize my thoughts and pick one project/goal to work towards....but often once I decide what to focus on I lose my motivation. Planning and organizing has always been easy for me (I get that from my parents) but following through is difficult when its individual work. Group projects I'm brilliant at because people depend on me to do my part. I'm also good at planning events and parties because of the deadline and being able to communicate with others. However, when events and projects are only up to me (signing up to volunteer or final exams) I tend to be less motivated because the results don't affect anyone but me.

I'll bet thats a relatively common reaction to work and due dates. I find it strange though that its so easy to pull through for someone else but that I don't find myself to be that important. I used to be.... For the most part now, I'm only worried about this calculus exam and after that it'll be better. I'm confident in my other courses and this final exam grade for calculus determines a lot. Half of me feels like its impossible.... the other half says I could maybe scratch up the bare minimum passing grade. Its hard to decide when I'm being pessimistic and when I'm being realistic. Realistically, calculus is extremely difficult for me and even when I tried my hardest this semester I could only get a C.... so thinking I may not be able to pass, well, what is that considered?

Anyways, I feel better after writing feelings like this down because I can fully admit them to myself and I can analyze it better. Hopefully by tomorrow at 10:30 (exam time) I'll be in a better mood about this course.

So, this blog is still called "A Thousand Reason to Smile" so I should probably put some out there.

Beyond the Circle K party (a volunteer organization I'm involved in) on Friday, the trombone section at JMU had a party too. Practically all the marching band students and music majors live in my apartment complex which works just fine for me as an ex-bandie. Its typically really quiet here.... and when it isn't, then I'm usually involved anyways. Last night we all watched The Grinch, had cookies, played thieves christmas, and finished up with a snowball war and tackle football (in the fresh snow).

I just wish I had some snow boots and a nice water repellent jacket! Even without the proper equipment, it was nice to get outside after a day of stressing about finals.

Today the snow is still blanketing most of the view from my window but the sky is a light blue which makes the outdoors look like a winter wonderland. Even though winter is my least favorite season it still has some spectacular qualities (and the best holiday). Christmas will be here in less than twenty days. I'm a little worried about getting gifts for everyone, but after finals week... well, I'm just looking forward to being with the friends (and select family) that care about me.

Hope that everyone who got some snow enjoyed it!

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