Speaking of Reading

03 December 2009

Speaking of Reading, when I was looking for a picture to use in my previous post, I found this. I couldn't help myself so I had to post it. I was going through my poetry book during early summer and I was reading different poems (probably during an uncomfortable spat with my father) and I found this sticky note on one of Robert Frost's poems. There was another sticky note on Carl Sandburg's a few pages later.

In case you can't read it when you enlarge the image, the sticky note says "one of mom's favorites" and it has her signature smiley face. The one on Carl Sandburg's "Fog" said "Sandburg and Frost were my favorites - Mom" with another smiley face.

One of the most precious things to me is that there are some reminders in the house of my mom that my father can never take away. If he doesn't know they exist, he can't erase them.

Then, having the ability, to learn just a few more things about her that we never talked about.... thats priceless. I doubt I ever would have asked her about poetry if I had the opportunity in life but in death, well, the information seems almost vitally important somehow.

Lastly, the smiley faces. I couldn't count how many people have told me what they remember best is her smile. I always filed it away and I can still see her smile perfectly, but it wasn't until Dad told me it was his favorite thing about her, or Michael mentioned it when he spoke at the funeral, that I began taking to heart when people told me they liked my smile. Sometimes it seems like she passed that on to me. There were many wonderful things about her and if I only inherited that one thing I would consider myself lucky.

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