The Perfect Date (and a Great Week)

17 July 2009

On Monday Noah called me in the morning and gave me three possiblities for the day. We could go to a mini beach in Strasburg and go-karts, or we could head to Martinsburg for Putt putt golf and a movie, or we could drive to Luray and see the caverns. Can you guess what the Earth Science major chose? We went to Luray!

He arrived at my house at about 12:3O and we drove as if heading towards JMU. It was a relaxing drive with only each other for company. I love group activities, but it was so wonderful to have some 'date time' just Noah and me.

We explored the caverns (yes on our own! You no longer need a tour guide; they have headsets you listen to as you walk). We stopped and took many pictures along the way which made me incredibly happy. It was cool underground but not too cold and the air felt wonderful. We saw Pluto's Ghost, the Double Column, and the Fried Eggs. There were many beautiful sights but I think our mutual favorite was the reflection pond. There is a pool of water underground and it does flow but it looks so still and serene. You can see the reflection of the stalactites from up above in the water and its so clear that you would SWEAR you're seeing stalagmites from below. It was beautiful. The organ is also a wonder! They have perfect pitches from stalagmites throughout the karst area and they transmit a signal back to the organ's chamber. Its beautiful and such a unique idea.

When we finished with the tour underground, Noah wanted to do the Garden Maze! He had been extremely excited about that all day long. I think they overcharge you badly on prices but it was all worth it because we had so much fun together! We made it through the maze and found all of the points along the way. It was also really beautiful weather for all of this outdoor/underground activity!

Eventually it was getting on towards dinner time so we headed back to Winchester but its the best time I've had with Noah in a long while. Granted, I always enjoy my time with him but to actually go on a date again - that was brilliant! It just hits me sometimes how truly lucky we are.


Beyond just Monday, this week has been pretty exciting. We had the 2nd in command boss at work on Wednesday and he is a lot more laid back in genral so that was nice. I bought a Nikon D40 Camera which I've been wanting since early May and I can't wait to take some pictures with it at the beach! Plus I am get to see Jake tonight after work! He's been gone for two weeks and I've missed him (and it figures I'll be leaving not even a day after he gets back). Then tomorrow morning I'm leaving with Noah's family for the beach! All in all a GREAT week. I'm very excited for next week too. July is shaping up to be rather wonderful all around.

The 5 Ps

09 July 2009

My group for physics class decided to base our project around projectile motion. The other girl in the group has a large amount of land so we went to her house in Stephens City and did a few tests about distance and Initial Velocity with a paintball gun. It was pretty fun for a project! Plus at the end we shot balloons (and Thang). It was a great idea for a project.

My group caught up on some physics today. We're still not "caught up" according to my professor's schedule but we have to be at least where other groups are now. We were the last group there by more than half an hour today and I'm sure we're gaining on the overall view of the class. I can't wait until I'm completely caught up on homework, Units, and tests.

This is just for my own vanity. I got layers added into my hair on Wednesday (which I've been wanting to do for a while) and I also dyed it at night. Its a dark reddish brown. Honestly, its darker than I was expecting but no one else seems to think so. I'll be used to it before OBX.

I might be going back to JMU to see some friends, get Noah a trombone lesson, and to move some stuff into my apartment for next year. I still need to talk to my apt-mates but at the worst I could always see Maria. It'd be great to be at my school even for a day and even better to grab lunch with a great girlfriend!

I'm looking forward to making some more summer plans. I really want a campfire/pool party but I want to wait until my best friend gets back home. I haven't seen him nearly often enough this summer. I still have a week for that though and in the meantime its been a week since I've seen my other friends.... I really need to work this stuff out better. Still, I've got a bit of time. I hope I can focus my priorities a bit more (schoolwork, chores, noah time, friend time, church, etc.) I feel pulled in too many directions lately and I need to spend some time focusing on one area then moving on to another.

Oh Happy Day

03 July 2009

For the first time in a long time I feel like myself again. The last 24 hours have been truly spectacular and its the first time this summer I can look back and find NOTHING wrong with my day.

Jake, James, Noah, and I spent the night at the lake house last night. I used to stay up late at night with Jake and talk until 2, 3, and even sometimes 4 in the morning before we had class the next day. Noah usually fell asleep around one but we would just stay and learn about each others lives. I MISS that at home. Granted, not much talking was done last night, but I got to really hang out with James for the first time. He visited JMU (mainly for Jake but also to be re-introduced to me - we didn't know each other in high school very well at all). Still, a person (with three others) in a single dorm room doesn't quite allow you to gain true perspective on who they are. In a whole house... well, that helps.

We just hung out for most of the night and started a movie at 12. That ended at 2 something then at 3 Noah and I decided to go to bed. Jake and James stayed downstairs to play guitar for a bit. The best thing about this was probably that there were no parents to worry about waking up. At school you don't have enough room for four people and at homes you need to keep quiet and reserved in order not to wake the household. This ended up being a slight disadvantage (for Noah at least) though too.

We got in bed and when I finished the chapter in my book we were just falling asleep. Gradually the guitar playing seemed to be getting louder; Jake and James came up the stairs and started playing to us in the bedroom. It was certainly entertaining. They left but a few minutes later (once everything had settled down again) James opened the door and jumped onto the bed! From there on out it was just mad chaos in there. Well, it was oddly calm but chaotic in its own way. Words are difficult to describe this.....

After that visit, Noah and I did fall asleep and then I had a good sleep until the morning. I had set my alarm for ten and then Noah and I made chocolate chip muffins. Pretty much everything in the entire day was timed perfectly. :) Jake and James came downstairs when we had just taken the muffins out. They were delicious but best of all I got to share them with friends! Nothing beats seeing my boyfriend, best friend, and a new friend first thing in the morning. I'm envious of adults who have been married and able to wake up the their love every morning of 'the rest of their lives'. I can't wait for that day. We all get along impossibly well and I really can't stand waiting to go back to school...

Next we let Jake and James take showers while Noah and I put up the signs for the shin dig near the lake house. Its relatively confusing to get back in their without knowing exactly where you're going.

After that we had about half an hour until people started arriving at noon so we set up the food. Then Matt arrived and after him it just started trickling in. One or two people every four or five minutes. Never really a flood all at once but a constant stream. It was nice because I got to greet everyone as they came in. We headed out and canoed (I went out with Conor for this event) and had a lot of fun. Throughout the afternoon I played ping pong, canoed, swam, helped flip a sail boat right-side-up, played horse shoes, talked with every group in attendance, and drank sweet tea. It was great to see old friends again and everything was a lot of fun! At five though we had to wrap it up because half of us had work tonight at SU.

I arrived home around 5:50 and had time to shower and get ready for work then head out again. I had tickets tonight and got to leave early (along with kelsey and Noah) so that we could watch the Winchester fireworks go off in Jim Barnett.

We stopped at Taco Bell Pizza Hut first so that I could grab some breadsticks because I hadn't eaten dinner. Then we drove around (in mayhem) to find a parking spot and met the Vances and my Dad near Daniel Morgan. The firework display was wonderful this year and the finale was really grande. Some years they don't really end with a bang and you're not really sure that its over. I feel like the 4th of July fireworks are something that I'll always remember from my childhood because we've gone to see them every year, in the same location, with the same friends. There are a few things like that but I haven't yet lost my awe of fireworks. We drove Noah back to his car then headed home. Now I get to remember all of this fondly.

I'm incredibly thankful for such a wonderful day, I was overdue. Hopefully I can plan more parties in the future and I can reconnect with amazing friends before heading back to school. Its too bad we're not together this year.... still, after last night I have high hopes for the future and my senior year of college. I also have better feelings about the rest of summer. Maybe this was the turn around that I needed. One can always hope.

Girls Take Charge

01 July 2009

This is sparked because of something a girl I know said. She calls herself traditional and refuses to call a guy or get his number. She thinks it is the guys job to call.

I STRONGLY disagree with this.

This is the age where EVERYONE is (or....should be) equal. Blacks, whites, gays, hispanics, males, females, etc. Any group and every group should be as able as any other group.

In the older days I think it probably was right for a guy to ask the woman out. Only men could work so they could afford to take women out while women stayed at home. Women weren't allowed to play dominant roles. This isn't the early 1900s any more though!

I asked my current boyfriend (of four years) out and it was easily the BEST decision I have ever made in my life. What would I have missed out on if I didn't take the initiative? Would he have even noticed me? Probably not... Thats sad, but I like to think that I took my life into my own hands and created this happiness for myself. Granted, we got particularly lucky in how amazing this all worked out, but it couldn't have if I didn't just suck it up and ask him to date me.

I don't think a guy should have to pay for all the dates. I think whoever did the asking should do the paying. You initiated and I do think its your responsibility to follow through. After that you can play it by ear. Especially now, how could I expect Noah to pay for every date for four years? We generally go by whoever has the most money at the time or on a sort of alternating basis. Its worked out really well for us! Girls make money now too so I think they should definitely help out.

If women want things to be equal then they should have to step up in return. It takes a lot of courage for a guy to ask a girl out and I don't think girls can fully appreciate that unless they've asked a guy out before. It just seems crazy to me though to let a GREAT guy slip through your fingers because you're too proud to ask him to go on a date with you. Ok, you want to know that he LIKES you and that he is willing to put forth effort. You can't determine that from just him asking you out! Some of the sleeziest guys are masters at asking girls out and wooing them and they're not the GREAT guy that you're looking for.

I don't know. I promote rights for all people and I think every person should do their part. Granted, I think guys have to do some work to make up for those child-bearing years but that will come WAY down the road.

I guess I just wanted to rant about how women are just as capable and need to be a bit more humble about the whole dating scene. In short, if you like a guy - ask him out. Do it for yourself, for him, for your future.
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