Almost Home Again

06 January 2010

Winter break is nearly over and I'm getting very excited about starting school! Why on earth do we have a month break during the cold season? I'm a poor college kid so I can't go out places and its too cold to be outside for very long which means I'm cooped up all day! At least at school there are indoor options beyond sitting at a computer. I'm looking forward to lectures again. (Besides, the first month is always pretty easy - then the tough stuff hits all at once!).

Home has been....bearable. My dad and his girlfriend work during (part of) the day and her mom has pretty much been gone since Christmas which I very much appreciate. Its awful staying here sometimes and I can't wait to go back to my home.

I also met up with my future roommates over break and it makes me more excited than ever for next semester (fall 2010). It'll be amazing. I can wait though. I hope.

I stayed at my boyfriend's house last night and ate dinner with his family. We played Pokemon Master Trainer once (ok...twice. alright you got me, three times!) and I'm really sad that I've never played it before.

Tonight I sat down for dinner with my grandparents, my father, my sister, and my boyfriend. Its nice to feel like we have a family sometimes (the only thing better would have been having my aunt and uncle there). I'm very lucky though in regards to my sister, my boyfriend, and my friends. They make life wonderful

Its hard to believe I'm halfway through my junior year.... I am so glad that I have a fifth year for masters; I love college way too much to want to leave in a year and a half.

There are so many great times that I don't want to forget and I want to create many more memories to take with me throughout life. One of my biggest fears is that I will forget these experiences. High school already seems so long ago and I can barely pinpoint any moments during those four years and I want to remember so much more about college! I want to remember clapping and marching across the Quad at night with Noah too embarrassed to join in yet laughing alongside of us...making delicious ice cream sundaes at dhall, listening to Jake play guitar at night, going to Funny Freaking Fridays on the first friday of each month, the jokes about land manatees between my freshman year hallmates, and late night giggles that don't go away.

I'm so lucky to go to college (especially to one that I love so much!). As I remind myself each time I look at the header: there are so many reasons to smile. Life is good.

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