Family and Friends

02 January 2010

Today was a wonderful day spent with both family and friends (Its not often I get to say that either)!

I was woken up by a phone call from Gina (my mentor) asking about lunch. I agreed and we met up at 12:30 at her house to enjoy a homemade pizza. I spent 3 hours there in total talking with her and her family. She has two kids a boy and a girl who both are darling.

Afterwards I went to my aunt and uncles' house because its not even a minute up the road. My uncle has new software that he uses to make photo DVDs and they're wonderful! He really enjoys using it and showing people it's capabilities. I brought along over 200 photos but we ended up only filling up a fourth of the DVD so he asked me to come up again soon and we can fill up the rest. Its wonderful so far - one slideshow for my guy friends and one for my boyfriend.

At six I left for Noah's house. I ate pizza there too and then we watched the last Star Wars movie. I was debating staying there for the night because of the frigid temperatures but decided to go home and have a change of clothes before church the next morning. I think his mom would have wanted me to stay; she was worried about my car making it home in the cold.

All in all its been a wonderful day and its nice to spend such quality time with so many quality people!

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