Friday Night Sunsets

08 January 2010

Just two more days until the spring semester starts. Its amazing how quickly time will fly when you enjoy yourself. I drove back to my apartment at school this evening and as I passed Mauzy Broadway the sun was just setting behind the mountains and it cast a beautiful glow over the scenery. The sky was a periwinkle pink, the mountains a light lavender color with a white blanket over the foothills from the light dusting last night, and the trees along the road were silhouetted black against the sky. It was a gorgeous sight and I wish I could show you pictures...but I was driving 70mph down the interstate so reaching around behind me blindly for my camera bag may not have been the best idea.

I also had two "interstate buddies" this trip. When I'm in traffic for a while I tend to find ways to keep myself amused: I may look at license plates to figure out which car is from the farthest state away, I could quiz myself on the traffic light patterns, or (as in tonights case) I might take notice of which cars tend to stay near me while I travel. There was an SUV and a little car that hung around me for at least 35 minutes of the trip which is unusual. Often on an interstate you're passing the "slow people" and the "fast people" are passing you. Traffic was quite crowded and the little car in particular seemed eager to quicken its pace, but every time I would pass a vehicle then pull into the right lane he would stick behind me and the SUV behind him. They weren't following me on purpose - we were just headed in the same direction and they both happened to agree with my speed on that highway. For some reason though it made me smile thinking about how we looking like a train of ducklings.

Img from here.

Of course, our going wasn't quite that tough.

Ever since I arrived I've been (slowly) unpacking. I periodically make trips into the family room to watch some tv but all in all I'd say that I'm making progress.

Glad to be back at school.

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