Jedi Math and Panera Bagels

13 January 2010

I had my first diverse education class today (or some similar title). The first three minutes were in Spanish which I understood after completing the intermediate level required last semester. However I would venture to say that three fourths of the class could not. My professor certainly made her point about ESL students and how it must feel to them to be learning in a different language from their homeland.

About halfway through this course (it is another three hour long class) my professor mentioned a math teacher from Michigan. He teaches an advanced class and as extra incentive for students to join his class he gives them each a light saber at the beginning of the school year. They have "Jedi Formations" periodically and this gives the class an identity. Students hear about this man grade levels before they reach his classroom. That is an amazing teacher - the students love his class as a community.

After that morning class I'm done for the day on Wednesdays which is wonderful (I've already spent two and a half hours on homework due tomorrow - the second day of those classes). College isn't easy....but it is still amazing.

My boyfriend has one more duty to the marching band this year, the MRDs are playing for the gubernatorial inauguration. Consequently, all the band members needed to pick up their uniforms and marching instruments by tonight. I drove Noah over to these buildings (in separate locations on campus!) because it is so cold outside. Afterwards we decided to go and have a bite to eat in Panera's. He treated me to a hot cocoa and cinnamon bagels (he even bought me extras for breakfast!). He's marvelous and, as per the theme of this blog, there are many, many reasons to smile.

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