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12 January 2010

I think I've mentioned previously about how I want to capture more of the fun of college while I'm still here. On my schedule, I have eight hours of class time on Tuesdays. So, after being in class for that long what is the best way to destress?

Apples to Apples of course!

Its a game involving judges, categories, and silly words. For example, "peaceful" may be the category card and players will send out cards from their hand that they think best match the description or that the judge will like best. Once all players have put in a card the judge flips them over, compares, and then chooses the best one for the win. (For our game, "baked beans" won the category of peaceful).

Duncan, Jake, Jeff, Noah, and I played this game tonight after my nighttime lab. Its wonderful to end the day with friends in a relaxing way. Plus we tried the new Dominoes pizza. It is certainly improved although it has nothing on Papa Johns with their garlic sauce! Hah, well classes are engaging this semester and I'm sure trying to fit in half hour-long games will be a great way to relax throughout the week.

Have a "peaceful" night!

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